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Cars 2 In Cars, Pixar used the standard big city boy gets trapped in a small town formula to create a loving, nostalgic homage to the good old days of Route 66 and the vanishing mystique of the American road. In Cars 2 Pixar basically just makes The Pink Panther with cars. At times itís a lot of fun, but thereís nothing here thatíll stick with you, the way Pixarís other films so often do.

Whatís both good and bad about this film is its wider gaze. The previous movie was set primarily in one, small, remote town where Lightning McQueen encountered a handful of aging automobiles. That more limited setting allowed for greater detail and both the script and the animators who brought the script to life were able to spend time really thinking through the process of what a world inhabited only by cars would be like. The sequel leaves that small town setting and takes the Cars concept out into the big, wide world with Lightning McQueen and Mater traveling around the globe, zooming through posh parties, idling through crowded international city streets. This often turn into something pretty stunning, one of Pixarís most impressive feats of animation so far, but in the process theyíve sacrificed some of that detail-oriented magic of the first film. Thereís just too much going on to think through every little detail of this now suddenly massive world, and sometimes this results in less emphasis on imagining what a place truly inhabited only by living cars might be like, in the interests of just throwing a bunch of cars down on the ground in familiar international settings.

This necessarily more careless approach to building a fantasy works most of the time, but every now and then it results in something ridiculous. For instance, apparently cars now eat human food. In the first movie they pulled up to a filling station when they got hungry, but weíre now supposed to imagine this as a universe where for some reason cars sit around eating Sushi. It doesnít make sense since if youíre a Porsche peanut butter canít be good for your carburetor, but the script needed a joke and so they chose a funny scene in which Mater eats Wasabi over actually thinking of something that might fit the filmís premise. You kids wonít notice, but you will.

Your kids wonít mind any of these problems, but parents may be concerned by some of the messages the film has for them. Mater is dumber than ever, and his behavior throughout the film resembles that of a kid with ADD whoís just had too much sugar. That wouldnít be a problem if the Cars 2 didnít spend so much time going out of its way to laud that behavior. Itís easy to imagine parents going home after the film to discover their kid running around the house breaking things while shouting ďIím a tow truck!Ē Mater has morphed from being a loyal friend, into a self-centered, out of control buffoon. Itís fun, but as a role model for children, I canít really think of anything worse.

This may be the first Pixar movie which doesnít really work on an adult level. Part of their genius has always been the ability to craft complicated stories which work in many different ways, providing entertainment for people of all ages, all at once. Cars 2 only really works on fourth grade level, and while it does that level very well, itís limited. Adults will still have fun with it, youíll find more than a few genuine laughs here and though the movieís a little long, youíll be wholly entertained by both the quality of visual flair on display. Itís even better in 3D, this may be the first Pixar movie to actually get 3D right. Yet thereís no heart, no soul, none of the Pixar magic weíve come to expect from these movies. Cars 2 narrowly avoids becoming Pixarís first truly bad feature, but graded on their curve itís definitely the studioís worst movie. That this should happen on a film helmed by Pixar mastermind John Lasseter, makes this mess even more disappointing. Somethingís missing and if they donít get it back, their winning streak could finally end right here.

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