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City Island Synopsis

Meet the Rizzos, a family that might get along a lot better if only they could tell each other the truth. Dad Vince (Andy Garcia) is the worst offender. But since the prison guard won't even admit that poker night is in fact acting class, how's he ever going to explain about his illegitimate son? His daughter works as a stripper when she's supposed to be in college, while young Vinnie Jr has a secret sexual fetish that involves a 24-hour webcam and the family's 300-pound neighbor. Vince's wife Joyce (Juliana Margulies) is the family's rock, but it's been a year since she enjoyed intimacy with her husband, and it's no surprise she thinks poker night spells A-F-F-A-I-R. When former prisoner Tony enters the Rizzos' lives, Joyce begins to suspect that the handsome young Tony isn't who Vince says he is. City Island is a funny, touching and smart family tale about the secrets of the past catching up with the lies of the present, and accepting that nobody's perfect - least of all your loved ones.
City Island Release Date
In Theaters April 26, 1999
City Island Credits
Starring: Andy Garcia, Alan Arkin, Sharon Angela, Dominik García-Lorido, Julianna Margulies
Directed by: Raymond De Felitta
Produced by: Raymond De Felitta, Andy Garcia, Zachary Matz, Lauren Versel
Distributor: Anchor Bay Films
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New Trailer for City Island New Trailer for City Island
Oh those silly Italians! If you haven’t gotten your fill of heavy Italian accepts, racial stereotypes or people yelling at each other by watching Jersey Shore, then get in line for City Island now and fist pump your way into the theater.
by Will LeBlanc January 22, 2010 discussion comments
City Island Wins Tribeca Audience Award City Island Wins Tribeca Audience Award
This year the family dramedy City Island has taken home the Heineken Audience Award, leaping past heavy documentary competition like Racing Dreams, Soundtrack for a Revolution and, uh, Midgets vs. Mascots
by Katey Rich May 3, 2009 discussion comments

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