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“The Last Kiss” is a contemporary comedy-drama about life, love, infidelity, forgiveness, marriage, friendship…and coming to grips with turning 30.

Zach Braff is rapidly becoming the John Cusack for a new generation. Actually, he appeals to the same generation who grew up with Cusack, but somehow is making films that make those same connections to us as adults that Cusack did when we were younger. While it's great to see him in his typically zany role on "Scrubs", Garden State was a nice, emotional departure from that silliness. The Last Kiss looks to be the perfect follow up to Braff's directorial debut. Even though Braff is only in front of the camera, expect the film to resonate with anyone who has hit that early life crisis in their early 30s. It's nice to finally get some acknowledgement that major crises can exist before a "mid-life crisis".

On another level it looks like Tom Wilkinson and Blythe Danner's characters will be going through issues of their own, mirroring in many ways the conflicts Braff's character is feeling. This almost guarantees the movie will appeal to more than just Braff's fanbase, as those aging Baby Boomers get their own storyline confirming their worst fears: relationships do not gain stability with time. They become just as difficult with age as they are when they are fresh.

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