The Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express
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The Polar Express Synopsis
I think we can all agree that the best way to describe The Polar Express is: Creepy. They claim to be going for something photorealistic, but the characters look like hollow puppets animated by some dark power of the devil. Hearing Tom Hanks voice coming out of a puppet-like thing that LOOKS exactly like Tom Hanks is freakish, and not the least bit entertaining.

Robert Zemeckis has described the film as being like a painting, a beautiful work of art full of color and imagery, but I just donít see it. It scares me more than anything and I canít imagine spending two hours trapped with these bizarre looking characters on a tiny, mildly magical train. In fact I think I had a nightmare like that once. Thisíll probably give your kids similar ones. Their quest for photorealism looks like it may have fallen completely flat.
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Trailer Express [TRAILER A]
The Polar Express Release Date
In Theaters November 10, 2004
The Polar Express Credits
Starring: Tom Hanks, Andrew Ableson, Debbie Lee Carrington, Eddie Deezen, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Jeter, Hayden McFarland, Chris Coppola, Peter Scolari
Directed by: Robert Zemekis
Produced by: Steve Bing, Gary Goetzman, Steve Starkey, William Teitler, Robert Zemekis
Distributor: Castle Rock Entertainment, Image Movers, Playtone, Golden Mean, Universal CGI, Warner Bros.
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