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The Wild Release Date
April 14, 2006
The Wild Synopsis

Disney redoes their countertops with the plot from Madagascar.

There's only one word I can think of to describe Disney's new movie The Wild, and that's despicable. This movie makes Shark Tale look original. It was bad enough when someone sort of kind of took Finding Nemo's premise of CGI fish and turned it into a bad comedy starring Will Smith in which fish inexplicably used underwater elevators, but this is worse. Much worse.

The Wild is a blatant ripoff of Madagascar right down to its core. Zoo animals living in a New York Zoo who come to life when the crowds leave? Check. Mission into the city to find one of their missing friends? Check. Cowardly Lion? Check. Awkward Giraffe? Check. Crazy scenes involving an animal hi-jacked Ocean liner? Triple Check. There's not an original moment or thought in the entire trailer. The only thing that makes this movie even slightly different from Madagascar is that they have a Koala.

Now you’re probably wondering… wait a minute, which one went into production first? Maybe Madagascar is the real ripoff here. Irrelevant. Though there’s been talk that they’re both based on the same pitch, or that The Wild went into production first, the reality of this is that Madagascar got it done first. That leaves The Wild out in the cold. Once Disney (or whoever it is that’s making this thing for Disney) saw that Madagascar was going to beat them to the punch, the film should have been shelved, or relegated to Disney’s extensive straight-to-video collection. Releasing this in theaters with a Disney stamp of approval accomplishes nothing, except to make Disney look really really bad.

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The Wild Credits
Starring: Eddie Izard, Dominic Scott Kay (Young Samson), Jonathan Kimmel (Scab), Clinton Leupp (Mama Hippo), Joseph Sivaro, Kiefer Sutherland
Directed by: Steve 'Spaz' Williams
Produced by: Jim Burton
MPAA Rating: [ Likely G or PG ]
Distributor: Walt Disney
Release Date:  April 14, 2006
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