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GTA 5 Cheat Codes: Get The Full List
Gamers are still in love with Rockstar Games' GTA V. The game is constantly on the top 10 charts each and every month for one platform or another. Of course, not everyone wants to play through the game in an "honest" manner and some people are looking for some cheat codes to help them along the way.
Playing Final Fantasy XIV Just Got A Lot Easier
Square Enix is still trying to find ways to lure people into playing Final Fantasy XIV. Their newest attempt to bring on newcomers includes lifting one of the game's restrictions that may have prevented some people from enjoying the game.
The Scene That Almost Got Outlast 2 Banned In Australia
Red Barrels has had an up and down journey with attempting to get a rating for Outlast 2 in Australia. They finally secured an R18+ rating after a bit of a back and forth with the ratings board in the land down under, all because of one scene.
Watch A Zelda Player Glide For Five Miles In Breath Of The Wild
One of the key tools at Link's disposal in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a paraglider. You'll get it relatively early on in the game. It has limited usability while falling/flying from high distances... except when one player got their hands on it and managed to venture five miles across Hyrule.
How Many Nintendo Switch Consoles Nintendo Wants To Sell This Year
Nintendo has been given a jackpot in the form of the Nintendo Switch. The system has been sold out and consistently stays sold out at just about every major retailer. Given the boon in the sales for their new device, Nintendo has setup an estimate of how many they want to move this year alone.
The Reason People Are Upset With Lego City Undercover For The Nintendo Switch
The Nintendo Switch has the ability to allow users to play games either through physical cartridges or digital downloads. The Switch itself only offers 32GB of internal memory space, so it's not entirely wise to store everything on the disk. However, this is proving to be a problem for Lego City Undercover.
Telltale's Guardians Of The Galaxy Has A Release Date
Telltale Games' take on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has been under the microscope of scrutiny since the game was announced. We've all been curious what the game is about and when it will release. Well, now we finally have a release date.
Xbox Expects To Have Major First Party Titles Ready Along With Scorpio
When launching a new console -- even if it's just a mid-generation refresh -- it's always important to have a beefy line-up of staunchly attractive games to launch alongside it. Microsoft realizes that this is an important facet for moving hardware, and they expect to have major first party titles ready along with the Scorpio.
The Destiny 2 Trailer Teaser Is Funnier Than We Expected
Who said Activision doesn't have a sense of humor? The publisher, along with Bungie, has released a new trailer for Destiny 2, the highly anticipated first-person shooter due out for release later this year, and it's a heck of a lot funnier than we expected.
There's Finally Another Way To Play Through Final Fantasy XV's Chapter 13
Square Enix promised that they would "fix" Chapter 13 in Final Fantasy XV, and so they have. Not only is it possible to play through the controversial chapter in a new way, but it's also possible to play the chapter much quicker thanks to a new buff.
Nintendo Is Promising Big Things For E3 This Year
Now that the Nintendo Switch is taking the marketplace by storm, Nintendo is ready to put a lot of time and effort into pushing the Switch into the stratosphere. How do they plan on doing that? By promising to pull out some big things for E3 this year.
HTC Vive Will Produce Ready Player One VR Content, Because We Already Live In The Future
Valve and HTC have teamed up with Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Entertainment for the upcoming 2018 theatrical release of Ready Player One. They will be producing virtual reality content in relation to the movie.
This Story Of EVE Online Revenge Is The Greatest Thing Ever
One of the most emergent games on the market today is CCP's EVE Online. The game never ceases to provide gamers with player-driven story opportunities, sort of like the one about the small group of newbies who plotted revenge against a troll over the course of four years.
The Original StarCraft Is Getting Remastered, Get The Details
Blizzard Entertainment announced that a remastered version of StarCraft is set to release this summer for PC gamers. The game isn't just getting re-released for today's generation of gamer, they've actually overhauled a lot of the quality of life features and graphics to help give your rig a run for its money.
Nintendo Has Been Called Out On Their Cow Milking Skills
The Nintendo Switch has been one of the most popular devices to launch in recent times. No one can keep the darn thing in stock in Japan or in North America. One of the most popular mini-games available in the launch title 1-2-Switch happens to be about milking cows, and one dairy farm called Nintendo out for the cow milking skills.
What Has Changed With Conan Exile's Update
Funcom hit a jackpot with Conan Exile's. A mix of hardcore combat, nudity and emergent gameplay was enough to make the game a smash hit success. Well, the open-world survival game was recently updated and they've added a lot of new content to the game.
Why The Witcher's Original Writer Doesn't Make Money From The Games' Sales
Polish author and writer of the original Witcher novels, Andrzej Sapkowski, doesn't receive any royalties from the sales of CD Projekt Red's trilogy of Witcher titles. Well, there's a very stark reason as to why the original writer doesn't make money from the games' sales.
Here's When You'll Get Your First Chance To Play Star Wars: Battlefront 2
The original Star Wars: Battlefront left a lot of core fans a bit disappointed with the offerings. Well, EA and DICE will have an opportunity to rectify that with Star Wars: Battlefront 2, and there's now a day and date to let you know when you can first play the game.
Titanfall 2 Is Getting New DLC And A Free Trial
Respawn Entertainment has announced that they're still supporting Titanfall 2, even after being railroaded from success due to the close-quarter release next to Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Their next big content drop includes a new map and a free trial.
Will Nintendo Mobile Games Go Free To Play? Here's What We Know
There's an interesting new bit of insight into Nintendo's model for mobile games. A lot of investors and shareholders have been egging Nintendo on to adopt the free-to-play model for their mobile games, but they've been reluctant to do so. So, will Nintendo mobile games go free-to-play in the future? Well, here's what we know.
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