One More Reason Parents Probably Need To Watch How Their Kids Use The Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo isn't just helping adults play music on command --- it also allowed one child to charge a few hundred dollars to her parents' credit card.
Kid Asks Amazon Alexa To Play Something, Gets Porn Instead
What happens when the actual kids attempt to play with the grown up toys? Sometimes disaster, and sometimes pure magic.
Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Tops The Bestselling Books Of 2016 At Amazon
J.K. Rowling has cast her magic on readers across the globe yet again. The latest Harry Potter novelization tops this year's list of bestselling books from Amazon.
Amazon Just Launched Music Unlimited Streaming Service, Get The Details
Amazon is stepping up its game in the music department by launching a brand new unlimited streaming service that will go toe-to-toe with Apple, Spotify, and Tidal.
Amazon Is Making A Fundamental Change To Their Product Reviews
Amazon is taking a big step towards making the review on its site more trustworthy. The online ordering giant is getting rid of incentivized product reviews.
Marvel Comics Are About To Become Way More Accessible
Marvel has been planning some big changes as of late, especially when it comes to their comics. Just recently the publisher announced an “All New” and “All Different” Marvel would soon be hitting the shelves, introducing a whole slew of new characters along with significant changes to existing ones. Now, along with the reboot, Marvel has also announces more accessibility
Amazon Prime Price Increases For The First Time In Nearly A Decade
Reports began circulating last month that Amazon Prime's annual fee would be increasing, and today comes official word from the online mega-store. The price for the service, which offers streaming video, free two-day shipping and some other perks, has been raised from $79 a year to $99 a year.
Netflix Using Amazon's Cloud To Explore Artificial Intelligence Movie Recommendations
There’s a trend with the online giants like Google and Facebook, to create algorithms that resemble the way a human brain works in order to better serve up search queries or photo tagging. Netflix is also getting involved, but in a different way. The streaming movie service has always done a better than average job of recommending films and shows to users based on their habits.
Amazon Prime Price May Increase, Proving That Nothing Is Ever As Free As You'd Like
Amazon Prime is, in my opinion, the only way to shop right now. I’ll get down on some local trinket shops to find that one-of-a-kind doohickey for the wife’s birthday, but as a rule I go Prime. And I go hard for the service. In addition to “free” two-day shipping, the service includes a Kindle library and streaming videos with no additional cost. After nearly a decade the cost of Prime may be going up, and the news is causing a bit of controversy.
Video: Amazon Plans Prime Air Shipping To Deliver Packages Via Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Maybe someday, years from now, I’ll look back at the expression of curiosity mingled with disbelief on my face when I watched Amazon’s “Prime Air” video and I’ll laugh, because maybe in that not-so-distant future, unmanned aerial vehicles delivering packages to our doorstep in thirty minutes or less will be standard. But in the present day, it seems like something out of science fiction, and yet, Amazon appears to be working toward making it a reality.
Amazon's Top Books Of 2013 List: How Many Have You Read?
Need help figuring out what to read next? Amazon released their list of Best Books of 2013, a selection of 100 “editors’ picks” as well as Top 20 lists in over two dozen categories, from Children’s & Teen to Cookbooks to Celebrity Picks. And nothing says “fill up your Kindle with all of these books” better than the helpful (free) guide Amazon has made available for all U.S. customers.
Divergent Book 3: Allegiant Preorders Outselling The Hunger Games Series Conclusion
Popularity of a book doesn't automatically translate to box office success. For example, young adults seem to love Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, but that didn't do much for the film's opening box office, and the planned sequel has since been put on hold.
Amazon Announces Kindle MatchBook: Buy The Print-Edition, Get The Kindle Book Cheap Or Free
Following up on their excellent AutoRip feature and Whispersync for Voice, Amazon is introducing "Matchbook," a new incentive that offers a discounted price for select eBooks if you purchase or previously purchased the print edition of the book. This feature will go into effect this October, so if you're a Kindle reader who's ever purchased a print book from Amazon at any point since 1995, you may benefit from this feature come next month.
Amazon's New Facebook Birthday Feature Lets Friends Pool Their Money For A Gift Card
As we grow up, birthdays become a bit less of a gift affair and more of a cause for quiet celebration or maybe cake at the office or some good food and drinks with friends. There's also the inevitable flood of Facebook messages from all of your friends and acquaintances wishing you an awesome day, which, let's face it, is kind of great. Because when you're a grown-up, it's considered uncool to announce your birthday wherever you go.
Watch LeVar Burton Promote The Reading Rainbow Kindle Fire App
My sister has a Kindle Fire, and my nephews can't keep their hands off it. They love it for the games, but the oldest is getting to reading age, which is partially why the promotional video caught my attention. The other reason is because, as a child of the 80s and as someone who was about my nephew's age when Reading Rainbow was first airing on PBS, I'm especially appreciative of the mentioned Reading Rainbow App for the Kindle Fire, not to mention LeVar Burton's appearance in the promo.
Amazon Announces Fan Fiction Publishing Platform Kindle Worlds
If the success of series like Fifty Shades of Grey and The Mortal Instruments tell us anything, it's that fanfiction can take a writer places. In the case of the former, E.L. James' steamy novel is said to have been developed from Twilight fan fiction. And Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments series, is known to have dabbled in other writers' worlds before penning her own series.
Amazon Kindle Ad Celebrates Reading From Kids' Perspectives
Just when I was sure I'd said every positive thing I could say about eReaders, and more specifically, my Kindle, Amazon comes out with an ad that focuses on kids and their love of reading. It caused me to wonder if my own reading habits would have been any different had eReaders existed during my youth. I've concluded that the answer is yes and no. In the end, what it comes down to is a love of reading. Books are the ultimate transportation device into the imagination.
Alexandria, Virginia Tops Amazon's List Of Most Well-Read Cities In America Again
Amazon.com announced the third annual list of Most Well-Read Cities in America this week, revealing that - once again - Alexandria, VA topped the list, which is determined by compiling sales data of all book, magazine and newspaper sales in both print and Kindle format since June of last year (2012), on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents. So if your town didn't make the cut, it may simply be a matter of population, from the sound of it.
Amazon AutoRip Now Includes MP3s For Eligible Vinyl Record Purchases
Whether you currently purchase CDs through Amazon, or you ever did at any point since 1998, Amazon's AutoRip feature certainly has its benefits. For one thing, those of us who maybe didn't take the best care of the CDs we bought from Amazon, or who've lost them over the years have access to digital versions of some of the albums we paid for more than a decade ago. And for another, it's an incentive to purchase the CD version of an album now.
Amazon's AutoRip Offers Free MP3 Version With Some CDs, Includes Past Purchases
If you bought a CD from Amazon.com at any point since 1998, you may be in for a treat. Amazon.com introduced their new AutoRip feature, which offers customers a free MP3 version of the CD they purchased (limited to certain albums). That in itself may not be cause to celebrate, especially if you stopped buying CDs years ago, but the feature works retroactively, which means if you purchased an AutoRip-compatible CD from Amazon.com at any point in the last fifteen years, you should have a digital version waiting for you on your Amazon cloud player right now.
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