Lady Gaga's Perfect Illusion Is Kind Of A Let Down, Listen To The Full Song Here
Lady Gaga is roaring back into pop music with an arena rock anthem, but they scream-y song just couldn't meet the impossibly high comeback expectations.
Is Lady Gaga Better Off Without Her Manager?
Lady Gaga has always been a little bit of a weirdo with an artsy streak to her. For a long time, that commitment to originality and variance was very much a positive, but in recent months, it has started to cause some very aggressive backsplash. Her frequent nudity has been taken to task by even some of her biggest supporters. Her strange performances have elicited some claims of boredom
Are You Bored Of Lady Gaga's Frequent Nudity?
Did you hear about Lady Gaga? She got naked. No, I’m not talking about in that bizarre Kickstarter campaign video. No, I’m not talking about in that ARTPOP promo either. She got naked on stage yesterday while performing at G-A-Y Nightclub in London over the weekend.
Lady Gaga Reaches Settlement With Former Assistant
Lady Gaga might be a woman capable of throwing a verbal haymaker or two, but that doesn’t mean that’s always the right approach. Rather than heading to court early next month to go to war with her former assistant/ former roommate/ former friend Jennifer O’Neill, the Mother Monster has decided to settle the pending lawsuit and make it go away.
Lady Gaga Addresses Her Weight And Her Madonna Issues In Twitter Rant
In what could be described as a strange piece of psychology, Gaga got on her Twitter account yesterday and started giving voice to all of the issues people have had with her lately. Along with each complaint, she tweeted a corresponding picture and responded with either a snarky comment or a fun hashtag.
2013 iTunes Music Festival Kicks Off With Lady Gaga This Sunday
Music fans might want to block off the month of September, as the iTunes Festival returns in a matter of days, kicking off 30 consecutive nights of free shows this Sunday, which will be viewable for free via iTunes. The first artist to perform at London's Roundhouse for the festival is Lady Gaga, whose concert is scheduled for this Sunday night (September 1). Check out the full schedule and find out how you can watch ahead.
Will Smith's Shocked Family Photo Wasn't In Response To Miley Cyrus' VMAs Performance
A picture's worth a thousand words, or so they say. But those words may end up getting shuffled up a bit sometimes, as was the case for the Smith family photo that was circulating after last night's MTV Video Music Awards. The image showed Will Smith and his kids in seeming shock or discomfort as they reportedly watched Miley Cyrus work the stage in a skimpy outfit during her performance with Robin Thicke.
Watch Lady Gaga Open The 2013 VMAs With Applause, Katy Perry Closes It With A Roar
The MTV Video Music Awards are as much about the performances as they are about the awards themselves. The event's history is cluttered with memorable musical performances. Remember Britney Spears and the snake? Or when Eminem made it very clear that he's the real Slim Shady?
Lady Gaga And Perez Hilton Go To War, Who Do You Side With?
Once upon a time, Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton were super close. He referred to her as his “wifey”, and the two made many a tour stop together. He aggressively promoted her music, and she gave him the occasional comment or photograph to run on his incredibly popular website. Fortunately or unfortunately, those days are over. Something happened to end the friendship some time ago, and over the past few weeks, the animosity has suddenly spilled out for the entire world to see.
Lady Gaga: Enough With The Katy Perry Feud Rumors, I Like Her
There are few things the media likes more than a good old fashioned feud between two women, but both of these ladies have so much on their plates, I highly doubt they’re worried about each other. Deep down, I’m sure each would like to sell more albums than the other, but that’s just a normal element of competitiveness.
Watch Lady Gaga Get Naked For Bizarre Kickstarter Campaign
Over the past few years, we’ve all learned to expect a healthy dose of weirdness from Gaga. From gold wheelchairs to bizarre interactions with fans, her entire life is like some bizarre experiment that often involves nudity, but even given all that, the above clip drifts further out toward the outer realms of thought most of us will be comfortable with.
Lady Gaga Gets Naked Again To Promote ARTPOP
Lady Gaga’s always been pretty comfortable with her body. In the past year, the singer has had to deal with some mean press headlines and even some criticism after putting on 25 pounds during a rigorous touring schedule. She recently took some time off to deal with a hip tear and hip surgery, seeming to gain a more svelte figure in the process. Now, she’s getting naked to promote her newest album, ARTPOP.
Lady Gaga Tops List Of Celeb Earners Under 30 Despite Hip Injury
This week, the list of “Top Earning Celebs Under 30” debuted and the top earner was a bit of a shock. Lady Gaga topped the list in 2013. When you consider her latest album actually hit the charts in 2011 and that the singer actually had to cancel a significant portion of her tour this year, her prowess in the music market is really put into perspective. In fact, it seems the music market is a great place for youngsters to be: the top five slots all went to performers in the music biz.
Lady Gaga Announces ARTPOP Release Date, New App
Lady Gaga released the name of her third studio album all the way back in August, letting fans know the endeavor would be called ARTPOP. Since then, she’s had some touring and health troubles, only recently re-emerging into the cultural landscape to make her first public appearance in months during New York City’s Pride rally. Now the singer is back and she’s gearing up for the release of her third album, which will hit shelves on November 11.
Check Out Lady Gaga's First Post-Surgery Appearance At NYC Pride Rally
Lady Gaga has been out of commission since a hip surgery left her in a blinged out wheelchair several months ago. The pop singer is well on her way to recovery, now, and she opted to step out for her first public appearance on Friday at the New York City Pride weekend kick-off rally, opting to say a few words, as well as sing the National Anthem for those who had shown up for the event.
Lady Gaga Gifts Gold Wheelchair To Fan, Pays For Her To Have Surgery
Lady Gaga has had a rough few months. The 27-year-old singer was forced to cancel a slew of tour dates after developing a labral tear in her right hip. After undergoing a quick surgery, the singer faced plenty of recovery time and, even though she is on the mend, she knows just how stressful and discomfiting the experience can be. Now, she’s paying it forward by helping out a fan with a problem sort of similar to her own struggles.
Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga Recording Jazz Album Together
Lady Gaga may be laid up post hip surgery, but that won’t stop the 26-year-old star from joining a legendary jazz and showtunes singer to record a new album. In a recent interview, 86-year-old musician Tony Bennett admitted he’s been working on an upcoming album with the Mother Monster, one the two are supposed to record in June.
Lady Gaga's Manager Says She's On The Mend
Inflammation of the joints may have forced Lady Gaga to have surgery and cancel a large portion of her larger than life Born This Way Ball, but that doesn’t mean she’s letting the setback knock her down from the count. With a flashy gold wheelchair and plenty of positive thoughts, she’s apparently on the mend and ready to get back to monstering.
Lady Gaga Gets A 24-Karat Gold Plated Wheelchair
Lady Gaga has been out and about over the last couple of days, but she’s not exactly looking fit as a fiddle. The 26-year-old singer recently was forced to cancel tour dates after determining she had synovitis and a hip tear. Taking her injury in stride, the singer opted to create a swanky gold and black wheelchair to move about with ease and finesse.
Lady Gaga Forced To Cancel Tour Dates Due To Surgery
Well, Lady Gaga sure knows how to let bad news drag on over several days. The pop singer recently postponed a few tour dates, but apparently her problems are far larger than the 26-year-old initially believed. The injury the singer sustained and then performed on has forced the “Born This Way” singer to cancel the remainder of her tour dates.
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