Michael Jackson's Thriller Gets Picked Apart For All Its Issues
The folks at Music Video Sins chose to celebrate Halloween by taking a closer look at the very spooky "Thriller" music video and doing what they do best: pick it apart.
The 5 Highest Grossing Dead Celebrities Of 2016
No word yet on if the grass is really greener on the other side, but apparently the money is just as green as ever. Forbes released its list of the dead celebrities that raked in the most money this year, and the top spots are full of musicians.
Disney Shutting Down Captain EO, Forever
Captain EO is leaving our galaxy again, after returning all too briefly. The attraction is making way for a new experience and you can read on to get the details on when the attraction will be closing, as well as what's taking its place.
Michael Jackson Is One Reason J.K. Rowling Left Zombies Out Of The Harry Potter Books
J.K. Rowling continues to dole out Harry Potter treats to fans at Pottermore. Today's festive surprise came along with an essay focusing on the creepy reanimated corpses that Voldemort enlisted to guard one of his Horcruxes.
The New Michael Jackson Allegations Are The Creepiest Ones Ever
Over the past few decades, Michael Jackson has been at the center of more than his share of controversies. Some of them have been utterly bizarre. Some of them have been despicable.
Michael Jackson Hit With Another Molestation Claim
All of the court paperwork is sealed at this point. As a result, we don’t know any of the specific claims he might have or what evidence he might have to support his allegations, but regardless, it’s going to be an uphill battle for him. The statute of limitations to both accuse someone of molestation and to make a claim against Michael Jackson’s estate have both passed.
Debbie Rowe Might Sue For Custody Of Michael Jackson's Children
If you want to know why Michael Jackson was such a strange guy during his life, you can probably look to the behavior of his family since his death. From bizarre kidnapping allegations to missing person scandals to almost incessant fights over money, it’s been a complete and utter shitshow, and let the record show, it’s not getting any better.
Michael Jackson Paternity Backlash: Some Claim Papa Joe's The Real Father, Others Question The Whole Thing
The Michael Jackson thirty-one-year-old baby drama drama just keeps getting weirder because of course. Just a day after a DNA test allegedly proved the “Billie Jean” singer impregnated Miki Howard and in doing so, fathered aspiring musician Brandon Howard, the Internet has collectively pushed back against the tale very hard, offering up two competing theories as to what the hell is really going on.
DNA Results Allegedly Show Michael Jackson Has A 31-Year-Old Son
Go grab a cold glass of water and take a seat. It’s about to get really weird up in here. Apparently, Michael Jackson impregnated longtime Jackson family friend Miki Howard during the early 1980s. Who is she, you ask? She had a string of R&B hits in the late 80s and early 90s and, wait for it, just sometimes went by the name Billie.
Jury Rules AEG Isn’t Responsible For Jackson’s Death, Do You Agree?
After months of testimony and millions of dollars in legal fees, the Jackson Family’s wrongful death suit against AEG finally came to a close today. The jury ruled the large corporation is not responsible for what happened to Michael and therefore, doesn’t need to pay even a cent of the more than one billion dollars Katherine and company were asking for.
Judge Throws Jackson Family Lawsuit Against AEG Executives Out
The Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit is, for the sake of simplicity, most often referred to as a battle between Katherine Jackson and AEG, but until today, it was actually far more complicated. Katherine and MJ’s three children technically filed suit against AEG and two executives named Randy Phillips and Paul Gongaware
Celebrate Michael Jackson's Birthday With 5 Classic Videos
Today is Michael’s birthday. Had he survived, he would have been fifty-five-years-old and still more than capable of churning out hit songs and lighting up the dance floor. That’s why sometimes it’s best to forget all the drama for a few minutes and just remember how insanely brilliant MJ really was. He could sing. He could dance, and he could write a hell of a pop song.
Katherine Jackson Didn't Like It When MJ Made The Kids Wear Masks
Katherine Jackson loved her son Michael during his life, and she has continued to love him after his passing. She apparently thinks about him and even cries for him every single day, but that doesn’t mean she thinks he was completely without fault as a parent. In fact, the second she got the children, there was at least one thing she vowed never to do: force the kids to wear masks.
Will The Jackson Family Look Back On This Trial As A Disaster?
From a detached perspective, the exchange sounds like it would go down as one of the more emotional moments of the entire trial, but the truth is the seventy days (that’s right, seventy days) have been one long torrent of emotion. From Jackson Family members to friends to former employees to doctors to executives, more than a handful of people have been put on the witness stand and absolutely grilled, and a sizeable percentage of them have broken down at some point.
Debbie Rowe Expected To Testify About Michael Jackson's Drug Abuse
Michael Jackson’s ex-wife and mother of his children, Debbie Rowe, has been called to testify in the contentious AEG/ Katherine Jackson wrongful death lawsuit, and more than likely, her presence will spell trouble for the family in their attempts to blame the death on the large company. The exact words Rowe will use are unclear, but she’s widely expected to say her ex-husband hid his drug use from his family and his employers
Should People Start Blaming Michael Jackson For His Own Death?
Earlier today, Katherine Jackson was in court as part of the ongoing wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, and not surprisingly, she pointed the finger at pretty much everyone but her own son for his downfall. If she’s to be believed, her son was extremely sick and needed medical attention, but instead of giving it to him, the company pressured him to continue moving forward in a decision that ultimately had tragic consequences.
Wade Robson: Should His Court Battle Be Open To The Public?
The general public’s interest in Michael Jackson’s personal life was seemingly insatiable during the singer’s life, and now that he’s gone, the desire to pull back the curtain hasn’t really ebbed. Consequently, many media outlets are pushing for Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff to unseal Wade Robson’s molestation allegations against Jackson’s estate.
Do You Buy Wade Robson's Story?
If Jackson’s family and the attorney for his estate are to be believed, however, Robson is a publicity-hungry liar looking for a paycheck. By his own admission, he suffered a breakdown last year and hasn’t worked a whole lot since. In addition, he testified under oath on at least two occasions that Jackson not only never touched him but never attempted to do anything shady during all the time they spent together.
Wade Robson Calls Michael Jackson A Pedophile On Today
Wade Robson spoke publically about his sexual abuse claims against Michael Jackson for the first time this morning on Today, and the noted choreographer and onetime MJ protégé certainly didn’t pull any punches. Referring to the singer as a pedophile, Robson outlined what he claimed was a pattern of abuse and systematic mental manipulation that forced him not only to be silent about what actually happened but to lie under oath on at least two occasions.
Wade Robson Files Lawsuit Against Numerous Parties For Supposed MJ Molestation
It’s unclear exactly who al the people being targeted by the lawsuit are, but the principal corporations are allegedly MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, which are Jackson’s record labels and music video companies. Both were instrumental in bringing Robson to the States from Australia, and both worked with the boy to put him in various productions and get him on his feet.
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