Christina Aguilera Fools Around In New Your Body Music Video
The “Your Body” video makes it clear Aguilera still has it and plans to flaunt it. If the rest of her Lotus album proves to usher the singer into a new era of pop music as capably as the lead single, Pop Blend expects Lotus to do pretty well on the charts. We’ll have to wait and find out when Aguilera’s seventh full-length album drops on November 13.
Flight Of The Conchords Return With Charity Song For Kids
Now, Jermaine Clement and Bret McKenzie have joined together to produce “Feel Inside (And Stuff Like That),” a new song created to help a New Zealand charity focusing on research for kids to raise money. The duo first met up with some New Zealand kids to get some perspective on how to write a good song for charity.
Watch Shia LaBeouf Get Naked In Sigur Ros' Strange New Video
A little over a week ago, the release of the Flaming Lips’ nudity-filled video for “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” caused quite a stir, both because it was incredibly graphic and because it was incredibly offensive to Erykah Badu who appeared in the clip. Now Sigur Ros has offered its own nudity-filled video for “Fjogur Piano”, and it too is generating headlines, though more for its rampant weirdness and who actually gets naked than anything else
Erykah Badu And Flaming Lips Feud Over Nudity-Filled Video
Earlier this year, the Flaming Lips decided to team up with Erykah Badu to film a music video for their collaboration “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. Lead singer Wayne Coyne presented Badu with an outline of how he saw the clip going. He wanted Badu to be in a bathtub filled with glitter, blood and other fluids. The singer was having no part of that, but out of respect for their partnership, she extended the offer to her little sister who accepted.
Justin Bieber Does Donuts In New Boyfriend Video
That’s right, folks, Bieber opted for some swag in his newest track, offering sort of rap-spoken verses that manage to rhyme “you” with “fondue” before popping into a catchy hook that reminds us why Bieber has gotten so popular in the first place. The video features a lot of women in short shorts, including one brunette Bieber particularly has eyes for.
One Track Sunday: Haley Reinhart Belts It Out In Fifties Gear
Season 10 American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart was a fan favorite in her season, even if she never pulled through with the final prize. Luckily, a third place win ensured the 21 year-old singer had enough fans, or in her case “Haliens,” to ensure she earned her own record deal.
One Track Sunday: Bowerbirds Sing For A Boy And A Fish
The band’s latest music video endeavor, “Tuck the Darkness In” is a great example of what Bowerbirds can achieve as a band, standing out as much for its harmonic, orchestral music as for its lovely little video tale of a young boy and his relationship to fish.
Still Dazed And Confused: Matthew McConaughey Plays Wooderson In Music Video
I love watching his head swivel in different directions as beautiful women walk past him. He might still be getting older while the high school girls are staying the same age, but that doesn’t mean his fundamental personality characteristics have changed at all. And how perfect is this song to accompany his slow motion stroll around the dance floor? I love everything about this video.
Watch Katy Perry's Video For The One That Got Away
What do you do when you’ve tied Michael Jackson for the most singles per record? Katy Perry’s philosophy is pretty simple - put out another single, of course. After filming the video for the newly promoted track in late September and early October, the singstress decided to premiere her sixth video off of the 2010 hit album Teenage Dream yesterday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.
Shia Labeouf Directs Music Video For Marilyn Manson
Maybe this is the next step fin Shia’s career that shows he’s not simply an actor anymore, but a force to be reckoned with? The video still gives me the creeps, but I’m glad that it was Sam Witwicky who took me on that ride.
Watch: Lady Gaga Leaks Her Own New Video For You And I
The video for Lady Gaga's latest single "Yoü and I" was supposed to premiere on MTV this Thursday, but the singe herself has leaked it via her Twitter account. While the song itself is one of the more traditional sounding efforts she's put out-- no autotune, no funky dance tracks, a strong emphasis on guitar and drums-- the video is one of the strangest
Kanye West and Jay-Z Release Music Video For Otis Directed By Spike Jonze
This is the first Jonze directed music video where I felt alienated. It’s as though Yeezy and Hov have taken their ideas from past videos featuring cars, girls, and senseless rapping in front of cameras and brought it to an unnecessary next level. “Otis” is like almost every other rap video in existence
Drew Barrymore Directs Best Coast's New Music Video
With talent like comedian Donald Glover, and the adorable Mortez, this video wasn't anything short of amazing. The story complimented “Our Deal” and helped give Barrymore a stronger cred among directing. Her movie Whip It was a deal breaker for her skills as a filmmaker, but the music video accompaniment for “Our Deal” is a deal breaker for her talent as a director.
Spike Jonze Directs Yet Another Music Video For Kanye West And Jay-Z
This is not the first time the filmmaker’s worked with West, directing the 2009 short film We Were Once A Fairytale, it stuck a cord with many hip-hop fans.
Explosions In The Sky Release Their First Music Video
If you hadn’t noticed, Explosions is similar to an orchestra, slowly building its element of sounds layering on top of each other to create a symphony of guitars, bass, drums, strings, and horns that make for a complex listen. That’s why this new music video of theirs is amazing, it’s a perfect environment for them to show off trippy visuals and overwhelm their audience in sight and sound
Steve Martin And The Steep Canyon Rangers Release A New, Hilarious Music Video
The single comes off of his new album Rare Bird Alert which features a slew of guest appearances from the likes of Paul McCartney, The Dixie Chicks, and Charles Humphrey. Instead of creating an epic instrumental album like his debut The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo, this LP is more song/chorus oriented
Portugal. The Man Release New Short Film
Portugal. The Man (period intended) is the best rock group around today that you’ve never heard of. But that is all about to change. Since the band's move to major label Atlantic Records back in April 2010, they've been hard at work on their highly anticipated new album In The Mountain In The Cloud.
Shia Labeouf Gets The Munchies And Directs Kid Cudi's New Marijuana Music Video
It seems like Even Stevens is getting the munchies for something other than acting, literally. Shia Labeouf has taken a break from fighting robots to direct Kid Cudi’s new music video for his hit song “Marijuana,” off the Cudder’s new album Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager. Appropriately, the video is masked in a Smokey haze that gives the audience a look into Cudi’s trip to Amsterdam.
Beyonce Blows Up the Blogosphere Over... Feminism?
So it looks like the weird Mad Max open dessert and dystopian costumes is all we’re left with after women take over the world, apparently. Next, Beyonce makes it a “point” that it is women against men by having all the scantily clad ladies on one side and uniformed men on the other. Maybe I’m a crazy liberal living in the blue state of Massachusetts but I feel like this whole gender war should be talked over, not fought over.
Taylor Swift Still Passive Aggressive In New Story Of Us Music Video
Taylor Swift is twenty-one years old and has already captured the title as one of the most bitter young singers to ever perform. It seems that every popular song she has ever written is about some dude she’s pissed at, or sad about, or passive aggressive about. So it stands to reason that her new music video focuses on the feeling she got when she saw one of her ex-boyfriends at an awards show.
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