Girl Tries To Jump Subway Track, Ends Up Smashing Her Face
Jared From Subway Is In Big Trouble With FBI After Disturbing Text Messages
About a month ago, Subway announced that it was cutting ties with its famed success story, Jared Fogle. At the time, Jared was under investigation due to his relationship with a colleague arrested on charges related to child pornography. The FBI was seen removing computers and electronic equipment from the Fogle household. And now, messages from Subway spokesman have been released.
Subway Cuts All Ties With Jared Fogle, Removes Him From Website
We all remember Jared. He was the guy that made Subway, well Subway. He promoted the happy healthy sandwich retailer in all its “Eat Fresh” glory, but as quick as you can say “child pornography” the sandwich makers removed all promotional material with Jared from their website.
Rat On The Subway Terrifies Tough New Yorkers
In two short minutes this video personifies the term “first world problems”. As much as I’d like to judge, I’m from a first world and I ain’t trying to get stuck with a rat on a train! I say that mostly because rats have diseases and stuff, not because I’m scared or anything.
Watch How Quickly This French Guy Runs From One Subway Stop To Another
Given how frequently they run, people typically wait at a specific subway stop for the next arrival rather than frantically running to the next stop in order to catch a train they just missed, but apparently in France, if someone is determined enough and athletic enough, either choice works. At least that’s what this crazy French guy proved when he slapped on a helmet camera, got off the subway, made his way above ground, sprinted several blocks, ran back into the subway and boarded the exact same train at the next stop just before the doors closed.
Watch: Photographer Of The NY Subway Victim Talks To Matt Lauer On Today
As disturbing as it was to learn that a man was pushed onto the subway tracks in New York City earlier this week, it was also disturbing to see the image of the victim standing on the tracks just before he was hit by the oncoming train. A freelance photographer who happened to be on the scene at the time and snapped the photo, which was then run on the cover of yesterday's issue of the New York Post behind the word "DOOMED." That photographer spoke with Matt Lauer about the incident and the photo on the Today show.
Man About To Be Hit By A Subway Train Caught On Camera
Falling or being pushed onto a subway platform is probably among the bigger fears of any New Yorker who uses public transportation (which is a lot of them). In the case of a 58-year-old man, that nightmare became a reality, which was captured, in part, on camera. A subway surveillance camera caught an altercation between the assailant and the victim, and a photographer on the scene captured an image of the man standing on the tracks just before the train hit him.
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