11 Times A Celebrity May Have Quietly Thrown Shade At Another Celeb On Social Media
When you're in the public eye, it's not a good look to go off on another famous person in front of the world on social media. Instead, celebrities have found much more subtle ways to quietly diss one another on social media.
13 Big Celebrity Instagram Moments of 2016
From Kardashian nudes to Chris Pratt shenanigans, Instagram gave us all a lot to look at in 2016. Now that the year is officially over, let's look back at some of the most captivating photos that had us all logging into Instagram multiple times a day.
13 Celebrity Breakups In 2016
Quite a few hearts were broken throughout 2016. From iconic, long-lasting marriages to eyebrow-raising flings, a ton of celebrities dealt with some romantic turmoil in the past devastating year. Let's take a look back at all the famous couples who called it quits in 2016.
Did John Mayer Throw Shade At Taylor Swift On Her Birthday?
Their relationship may have ended over five years ago, but John Mayer may still be holding a bit of animosity towards ex Taylor Swift. The crooner deleted a tweet on Swift's birthday that was widely interpreted as a jab at her.
So, Taylor Swift And Zayn Have A New Song And It's Already #1 On iTunes
Taylor Swift teamed up with Zayn Malik for her return to the pop music world, and of course they're sultry new track is already a chart-topping hit.
Taylor Swift Reacts To Drake's Bad Blood Bench Press
Drake showed his love for Taylor Swift's feud-fueled hit in a new Apple commercial, but how does Swift feel about the tribute?
21 Celebrities Show Off Their 'I Voted' Stickers
As the nation makes its voice heard this Election Day, so are some very famous faces. Take a look at all the stars who proudly flaunted their civic duty.
Lorde Just Turned 20, And Taylor Swift Was There To Celebrate
Lorde ended her teenage years with bestie Taylor Swift at a party on Monday night.
So, Are Taylor Swift And Drake Dating, Or Not?
Rumors are flying about a possible romance between the two hitmakers. Just how true are they?
Taylor Swift, John Mayer And Katy Perry Were All At The Same Party, But It's Ok Guys
The stage was set for some major drama this past Sunday at Drake's birthday bash, as the perfect storm of exes and rivalries that is Taylor Swift, John Mayer, and Katy Perry were all in attendance. However, Swift avoided any confrontation at the event.
Taylor Swift Looked Incredible On Stage This Weekend, Check Out The Pic
Taylor Swift stunned thousands of fans with her only concert of the year this weekend, and even delivered a gorgeous performance of a pretty shocking cover!
Blake Lively May Have Had Her Baby, And Taylor Swift May Have Already Met It
Blake Lively has reportedly given birth to her second child with husband Ryan Reynolds, and her BFF Taylor Swift has apparently already headed to the hospital to meet the newborn.
Jared Leto Lost His Legal Battle Against TMZ But He'll Keep Fighting
TMZ won out over Jared Leto in a lawsuit that he filed against the publication for posting a video of the actor bashing Taylor Swift. But Leto says he will appeal the decision.
How Taylor Swift Got Out Of Jury Duty
Just because you're Taylor Swift doesn't mean you're automatically exempt from jury duty. Of course, if you're Taylor Swift and you have a legitimate excuse, you might be able to get out of it.
Not Shocking: Taylor Swift Made A Ridiculous Amount Of Money Last Year
Taylor Swift had a good year in 2015, but that's probably stating the obvious. The country-turned-pop singer has been riding a wave of success for quite a while now, and that apparently includes besting her fellow musicians in the earnings department by a sizable margin.
Who's So Vain? Carly Simon Names a Name
Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” was released 44 years ago, and has been an anthem for the scorned, broken-hearted, and for all of us who have ever dealt with that person with the ego the size of a small country.
Taylor Swift Accused Of Ripping Off One Of Her Biggest Songs
Taylor Swift is a pop culture juggernaut with loads of chart-topping hits, devoted fans, and even a fledgling acting career. But all that attention has a downside as she is now being sued for stealing one of her biggest songs.
Taylor Swift Got Her Music Video Costumes At A Sex Shop, Creepiness Ensued
Taylor Swift has an infinite number of fans. Really, it’s probably impossible to put an number on it. And recently the pop star released a celebrity-heavy video which featured her and her female entourage in a number of sexed-up outfits that were all purchased from a Los Angeles fetish fashion boutique, The Stockroom. So, obviously, creepiness ensued.
When Game Of Thrones Meets Taylor Swift, Hilarity Ensues
Two people that you would never imagine having anything in common just came together in an epic parody. Granted, Taylor Swift and George R.R. Martin still probably will never have a need to meet in real life, but this hysterical Game Of Thrones parody music video in the style of Taylor Swift’s song “Blank Space” is the perfect mash-up.
What Colors Are The Dress? The Internet Is Divided In The Great Dress Debate Of 2015
Is it blue or black? Is it white or gold? The internet can't seem to decide, as the dress below has made the rounds, resulting in a debate over which two colors people are seeing when they look at it
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