The Internet Is Freaking Out About One Woman's Legs
It's "The Dress" all over again. One woman's legs are sending the Internet into an uproar over a pretty tricky optical illusion.
Black Friday Chaos: Watch A Woman Steal From A Child... Literally
This is just bananas. We’ve all seen people go a little crazy for Black Friday deals, but rarely do we see physical aggression happen…to a child.
This Guy Makes Watermelon Cutting Look Soooo Simple!
You ever try to cut a watermelon? It’s a messy business if you don’t know what you’re doing. This guy clearly knows what he’s doing as he’s cutting melon like it’s his livelihood.
Meet The Guy Who Ate Pizza Every Day For 25 Years
Everybody loves pizza. It’s a food that is so customizable, it’s impossible to find at least one you don’t type you don’t love. I’d say on average I eat a pizza every two weeks, if not more...
100 Amazing Bass Lines Banged Out In One Video
The title of the video says it all. this video contains a gross amount of bass lines! Some of the riffs you will hear in this video are expected, and some are completely out of left field...
Watch Joan Rivers Rant And Walk Out Of A TV Interview
Joan Rivers stormed out of a CNN interview recently when the interviewer, CNN Newsroom anchor Fredricka Whitfield, broached the subject of Rivers being "mean" with her fashion criticisms, and her choice to wear fur on the cover of her new book. Rivers was having none of it.
Watch This Guy Do 29 Celebrity Impressions While Singing An Original Song
Everyone loves a good celebrity impression and everyone loves a good original song. Rob Cantor offers both in his recently posted YouTube video, working the voices of everyone from Randy Newman to Kermit the Frog, Britney Spears, Lord of the Rings' Gollum and singer Gwen Stefani into the the video.
Test Your Harry Potter Knowledge With This Magical Trivia Video
How much of a Harry Potter geek are you? The challenge is dropped in the video above, which features a number of Harry Potter trivia facts, focused mainly on the books and author J.K. Rowling, who's apparently no longer a billionaire because she's so generous.
This Dog Loves Leaf Blowers More Than You Love Anything
I think it's universally accepted that some people are dog people, and some are cat people. From the first time I had to scoop a bag of dog poo at a dog park for a friend, I was reminded that I am most definitely a cat person. I will admit, however, that I have a soft spot for cute dogs and dogs doing silly things. A hilarious viral video of one silly puppy definitely got a few giggles out of me.
Watch Weezer Drummer Catch A Frisbee Mid-Song Without Missing A Beat
For a drummer, the phrase "not missing a beat" probably takes a much more literal meaning. Patrick Wilson appears to take that to heart in the above video, which has unsurprisingly gone viral, and shows the Weezer drummer quickly snatching a rogue frisbee out of the air, tucking it into his mouth and continuing the song without, well, missing a beat. Because Weezer is that kind of awesome.
Watch This Pig Wake Up To Eat A Cookie
If you give a pig a cookie, he’s going to eat it. He’s a pig after all, what do you expect? Pigs are the type of animals, as evidenced by this video, to not let anything get in the way of their food, even sleep. I would wager however, that most people would awake to eat a cookie so I can’t hold it against him.
Cats And Tigers Are More Related Than You Think
Lions and Tigers and...cats oh my? Most people know that the domestic house cat shares a common ancestor with the jungle cats of the wild, but how much do they have in common? This video lays out a lot of the similarities and shows you some differences.
Daring Elephant Rescue Caught On Film
A daring rescue that looks like something out of a Disney movie is caught on camera. Elephants band together to save one of the young in their herd when it gets swept downstream by a strong current. Moments captured like this really make you wonder the capacity of other mammals and how they think.
Watch A Cat Protect A Toddler Being Attacked By A Dog
Even by cat-video standards, this one is impressive, though it's also disturbing. A little boy is playing in his driveway when a dog shows up and attacks him. The video shows the dog literally dragging the kid until a cat jumps into the frame, launches itself at the dog and knocks it backward. The cat then runs the dog off the property, while the child's mother comes to his aid.
Watch Science Blow Up A Giant Gummy Bear
95% of people take Chemistry in high school to see things blow up. The other 5% are nerds who make videos showing us more stuff we can blow up with Science. I’m almost certain someone with a background in the field could’ve known before hand that gummy bears can be combustible under the right circumstances, but I rather would think it was a complete accident when some guy was eating gummy bears over some concoction.
Watch Gluten-Free Dieters Try To Explain What Gluten Is For Jimmy Kimmel
While some people are legitimately allergic to gluten -- or at the very least, have an intolerance to the protein -- others may have adopted the gluten-free diet in an effort to stick with the latest healthy-living trend. Recently, Jimmy Kimmel sought to expose some fad dieters and healthy-living fanatics for their lack of knowledge about what gluten actually is.
Watch Americans Try McDonalds For The First Time
Somehow, there are three Americans on Earth who have not felt the influence of McDonalds golden arches. Seriously, I can understand if you lived in a third world country if you’ve never had a McDonalds meal, but eating a Happy Meal as a kid is more or less an unspoken right of passage here in the land of first world problems! It’s a feat for sure to go into your adult life without experiencing a breakfast, lunch, or dinner from Mickey D’s without someone actively keeping you from doing so.
Sally Field And Julia Roberts Cursing On JKL Is Hysterical... And We Want The Uncensored Video
Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Julia Roberts and Sally Field faced off in a good old-fashioned Celebrity Curse-Off. Watch the censored video ahead...
Watch Kids React To Trying Coffee For The First Time
How will these children react to eating coffee? The answer is fairly obvious if you were one of those curious kids back in the day who asked an adult to give you some to feel more grown up. While I drink coffee now (with a lot of sugar) I can still remember the first time I had coffee and thought it was absolutely disgusting.
Watch This Guy Feed The Homeless With Magic
A number of homeless men in Las Vegas, Nevada, were given a dose of magic and a bit of help thanks to a great magician. As the video shows, magician Rob Anderson has the homeless of “the city that never sleeps” tells the unsuspecting he’s been giving food out all day and shows an empty bag. The look of confusion and apprehension is disheartening, as if these people are used to cruel jokes in addition to their living conditions.
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