Bobbi Kristina Brown And Nick Gordon Want You To Know They're Happily Married
Celebrity gossip fans and Whitney Houston supporters may collectively still be a little uncomfortable with the idea of Nippy’s daughter dating Nick Gordon on account of them kinda sorta being raised as brother and sister, but Bobbi Kristina Brown herself is as on board with the decision as ever.
Police Officer Allegedly Made Rude Sexual Comments About Whitney Houston's Corpse
There are certain things you don’t say around dead bodies as a matter of respect. You don’t bring up the negative things they did in life. You don’t talk about the things they’ll miss out on the future, and you sure as hell don’t make sexual comments about the corpse. If new allegations are to be believed, however, one of the police officers on the scene after Whitney Houston died may have done exactly that last no-no
Celebrate Whitney Houston's 50th Birthday With 5 Classic Videos
A little more than two years ago, Whitney Houston passed on at the age of forty-eight. Her death was an unexpected tragedy, and in her wake, she left a sea of potential and a teenage girl who really needed her mother. In the time since, her fans have grieved, wondered what-if and at times, gotten mad at Whitney herself for never completely kicking the habit that almost killed her. For one single day, however, is worth putting aside all that frustration and focusing on what actually was.
Should Whitney Houston's Mom Be Mad About Invite To Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party?
Last year, Whitney Houston was the scheduled entertainer at renowned music mogul Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party. Unfortunately, she passed away just hours before she was scheduled to perform, shocking not only her friends and family members but also music fans around the world. This year, Davis is once again moving forward with his pre-Grammy party, though his guest list doesn’t exactly sit well with Whitney’s mother, Cissy Houston.
Solo Artists Are More Likely To Die Young Than Band Members
From Whitney Houston to Kurt Cobain, a large number of very influential musicians have died young. Fans and experts have been discussing, analyzing and sometimes even glorifying the premature demises for decades, but thanks to a comprehensive new study published in the British Medical Journal, we now know it’s far stranger that Cobain perished young than Houston.
Bobbi Kristina Brown Reaches Agreement For Inheritance Schedule
The specifics of the settlement haven’t been made public, but sources close to the situation are saying not much has changed. Whether Cissy and Pat didn’t think they could win a court battle or whether Bobbi Kristina promised to be sensible is unclear, but either way, the court proceedings won’t be moving forward, which is a bit odd considering the other rumors floating around.
The Houston Family Reportedly Wants Bobbi Kristina To Get Treatment
After years of watching Whitney Houston’s many battles in the public eye, people learned to expect pretty much anything from the deceased pop star and her ex-husband Bobby Brown, but even with that experience, I’m not sure anyone was ready for what was revealed on last night’s debut episode of Houstons: On Our Own. The reality show featuring the late singer’s surviving family members turned into an essay on daughter Bobbi Kristina’s many problems.
Bobby Brown Is Back In Rehab
Just six months after his famous ex-wife died with drugs in her system, pop star Bobby Brown has checked into rehab. The forty-three-year-old seemingly had his longtime battle with drugs and alcohol under control until about a month and a half after Whitney’s death when he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence in the middle of the afternoon.
Whitney Houston's Daughter Remembers Mom With New Tattoo
Looking for a special way to honor her late mother, Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina decided to get a little ink. The nineteen-year-old and her adopted brother/ boyfriend Nick Gordon hit up the Inksomnia Tattoo parlor in Alpharetta, Georgia last night to get matching tributes etched on their wrists, and if the resulting Twitter photo is any indication, the two are more than pleased with their decision.
Cissy Houston Writing A Memoir About Whitney
Fourteen years ago, Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy wrote a memoir entitled How Sweet The Sound. With her daughter now gone and so much more to say, she’s decided to pen another book, this one focused on Whitney’s life, legacy and struggles. The work is still untitled, but Harper Collins has already agreed to publish it, aiming for a February release.
Whitney Houston's Daughter May Have Been Caught Underage Gambling
Celebrity can sometimes afford a star certain privileges, but now and again, it can be a pain in the ass too. Were she not Whitney’s daughter, there’s no way footage purported to be Bobbi Kristina gambling would have wound up on the Internet, but since she is, it’s now a story that could have an annoying ending
Whitney Houston's Family Reportedly Wasn't Pleased Sitting Next To Ray J
Whitney Houston’s family might have attended the Billboard Music Awards last night to pay tribute to the departed singer, but apparently, they spent a good portion of the evening causing drama. At least that’s what is being alleged by several people who were there and supposedly watched Pat Houston try to have Ray J arrested.
Bobby Brown Says He Never Did Hard Drugs Before Meeting Whitney
Regardless of where each of their problems began, the couple spent years abusing drugs at the same time, but it ultimately took viewings of their own reality show for each to realize how far their marriage had crumbled. They later divorced in 2007 but occasionally still spoke afterwards. Brown claims Houston looked great the last time he saw her and had no idea she may have been still secretly struggling with addiction.
Whitney's Funeral Cost Taxpayers Almost 200K
Given that the city already agreed to foot the cost, there’s really not much that can be done to rectify the situation. By most accounts, Houston wasn’t exactly rolling in money at the time of her death, and unless her family decides to pay up, the citizens of New Jersey and more specifically Newark will be on the hook for the total amount. Something tells me whenever Bobby Brown passes, his memorial will be handled a bit differently.
Cocaine Traces Found In Whitney Houston's Hotel Room
After searching the room, a small quantity of white residue was found. At the time, the drugs were defined as “white, powdery remnants,” which should have been a red flag. If it wasn’t, the material has now been tested...
Bobby Brown Out Of Jail After DUI
Just days after it came out that cocaine played a significant role in Whitney Houston’s death, the late singer’s former husband Bobby Brown has reportedly been arrested for driving under the influence. The former New Edition member was in Reseda, California this afternoon when he was pulled over by a police officer. The interaction must not have gone so well because Brown wound up in the Van Nuys jail where he was supposedly booked for driving with a blood alcohol level over .08.
Bobby Brown's Sister Says Ray J Bought Whitney Drugs
Whitney’s former sister-in-law Leolah Brown went on Dr Drew a few hours after the toxicology report went public and blasted Ray J for providing Houston with drugs. Authorities have not said whether they have any idea who the pop star purchased the narcotics from, but apparently, Bobby Brown’s sister doesn’t need to the police to tell her what she’s already sure of. You can take a look at the interview below…
Whitney Houston: Are You Surprised Cocaine Was Found In Her System?
Houston’s history of drug abuse was a well-documented fact at the time of her death. She admitted in several interviews that she’d partied hard for extended periods of time. The abuse caused strain to her vocal cords and strain to her relationships, but a few years prior to her death, Houston seemed to be getting her act together.
Cocaine Played A Role In Whitney Houston's Death
The toxicology reports are finally back for Whitney Houston, and it seems the late singer had a mess of various drugs in her system when she passed. The test found traces of cocaine, marijuana, Xanax, Bendaryl and Flexeril, but apparently, the latter four didn’t play any significant roles in her undoing.
Ray J Denies He Made A Sex Tape With Whitney Houston
For the last few years of Whitney Houston’s life, the singer was on-again, off-again with Brandy’s little brother Ray J, who, of course, happens to be the dude in Kim Kardashian’s sex tape. Given that connection plus the public’s voracious appetite for badly shot home porn, we all knew a rumor of XXX footage would pop up sometime. The only question was whether there would be any merit to it.
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