Are they or aren't they? The question is whether the question has been asked or answered. US Weekly is all prepared to run its big cover story tomorrow that Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston are engaged. According to Aniston's publicist the story is actually false. So which is it?

The Chicago Sun Times reports that US Weekly's story indicates that Vince Vaughn nervously got on one knee and popped the question. Their claim is that he busted the move while flying home on a private jet from a little jaunt down to Mexico to visit "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis'Puerto Vallarta retreat. Supposedly he wanted to settle the matter before heading to being filming on his next movie, Into The Wild.

However, Stephen Huvane, representative for Aniston claimed on Wednesday that "It's not true. There is no engagement." Now, if you observe carefully, the two stories aren't mutually exclusive. Guys get turned down on proposals all the time. Could it be that Vince did propose but Jennifer turned him down? After all, poor Jen has had a pretty rough ride from being married to a man who didn't want kids to being divorced from a man who is suddenly the beaming father of three. Maybe she's just not yet ready to take that trip again.

When the story from US Weekly hits racks tomorrow (Friday), there may be more light to shed. It's just not likely to be coming from a diamond ring on Jen's hand.

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