Never let it be said that Star Trek fans have lost their passion. The fact that the franchise has pretty much gone down the toilet over the last few years seems to have only increased their appetite for rare, classic memoribilia. How hungry are they? Original estimates by auction house Christie's placed the expected take on 1,000 lots of Star Trek goods at $3 million. The big bank trekkies shelled out over $7.1 million.

The big ticket items included an original 78-inch model of the Enterprise D from "Star Trek: The Next Generation" which went for $576,000, making it the highest-auctioned item in Star Trek history according to Christies. Other high priced treasures were Captain Picard's prized flute from the episode "The Inner Light" and a space suit worn by Dr. McCoy in an original Star Trek series episode.

All the proceeds from the auction will be going to...not a charity...but the franchise's owner, Paramount. The timing is interesting, not only because the studio has had a pretty hard year at the box office, but also because they're presently bankrolling a risky eleventh Star Trek film. $7.1 million will go a long way to help ease the pain if the movie flops.

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