Is It Okay For MLB Pitchers To Intentionally Hit Steroid Users?
People often wonder how steroid usage got so out of hand in baseball. Well, the truth is basically everyone was willing to look the other way. Many of the owners, flush with cash thanks to all the publicity the home runs created, had no interest in changing the status quo, and the players, taught in a centuries old culture of silence, refused to rat out their teammates and opponents who were cheating,
Alex Rodriguez May Get Suspended From Baseball For Life
Rumors of an Alex Rodriguez suspension for using performance enhancing drugs have been spiraling for months thanks to the seizing of records at Biogenesis, but over the past few days, we finally got our first real taste of what that suspension might entail. Supposedly, if the New York Yankees third baseman does not accept a temporary ban for the rest of this season and the entirety of next season, commissioner Bud Selig will push for the aging slugger to be forever kicked out of baseball.
MLB May Suspend 20 Players For PED Use Thanks To Tony Bosch Testimony
During the late 1990s and early 2000s, baseball was very hands-off when it came to players using performance enhancing drugs. Provided the illegal activity wasn’t being rubbed in anyone’s face, there was a good chance the users could get away with it. After records began to be broken and rumors about percentages of players using went public, however, the general public started to loudly clamor for change, and now, commissioner Bud Selig is very much on the lookout for cheaters.
Yankees Reportedly Talking About Trying To Void A-Rod's Contract Over PEDs
Between playoff disappointments, playoff heroics, MVP awards and benchings, Alex Rodriguez’s tenure with the New York Yankees has featured plenty of highs and lows, but if the rumors are to be believed, it might be over a whole lot quicker than most expected. The third baseman is due $114 million from the organization over the next five years, but after his name appeared in a new investigation focused on performance enhancing drugs, members of the team’s front office have reportedly begun wondering if the scandal can be used to void his contract.
Alex Rodriguez Still Thinks Cameron Diaz Is A Great Human Being
It’s nice to see the sometimes jerk player has a little kindness in his heart, and who better than for the lovely Diaz? Funnily enough, the conversation with the one-time divorcee also touched on his feelings about marriage, with the Yankees player blithely stating he thinks actor George Clooney has hit the nail on the head. That may not bode well for Torrie Wilson.
Alex Rodriguez Spotted In Boise With Former WWE Star Torrie Wilson
It’s probably safe to assume a beautiful woman like Torrie Wilson has brought eligible men back home with her to Boise, Idaho. In fact, the former WWE Diva was married to professional wrestler Billy Kidman for five years, but something tells me she’s never escorted anyone around town as likely to produce double takes as the man she took this Christmas. That’s because the chap in question this time was Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.
Alex Rodriguez In Hot Water Again, Now For Illegal High-Stakes Poker
It may be inaccurate to say that Alex Rodriguez is a polarizing figure if for no other reason than he is hated by most, and loved by few. Whether this is fair, justified, or well-thought-out is up for debate, but it is fact that A-Rod is in hot water again following allegations that he participated in illegal poker rooms. Major League Baseball is none too pleased; the same Major League Baseball, I might add, that did not suspend Derek Lowe for nabbing a DUI earlier this year. Nice work, MLB.
Cameron Diaz Doesn't Believe In Marriage
Look at Cameron Diaz, isn’t she stunning? Seriously, this women could set sail a thousand ships like Penelope in the Odyssey. But sorry fellas, she won’t be getting hitched anytime soon. Cameron Diaz announces that fans should not get too excited about her romantic fling with Yankee Alex Rodriguez. She insists that motherhood and marriage are not in her foreseeable future.
Cameron Diaz Confirms Relationship With Alex Rodriguez
Cameron Diaz has finally confirmed her relationship with New York Yankees’ third baseman Alex Rodriguez in Britain’s Elle magazine. "Yes, Alex is my boyfriend. It's not a secret any more." the Knight and Day star said. She has previously dated Justin Timberlake, while Alex Rodriguez is best known for dating Madonna.
A-Rod And Madonna Sex Tape?
Stop the presses! This could be the most explosive celebrity gossip story since O.J. piled in his white Bronco or it could be more smoke than the Fountain Of Youth. We’ll probably know within a few weeks
A-Rod’s Driver Gets Charged
I’ve always been an A-Rod supporter, but if he can’t spend three hours watching an all-star game in his home city with his teammates, well, fuck him. Derek Jeter would never pull this crap. In fact, he didn’t, as I watched him excitedly stand through the last few innings with fellow Yankee Mariano Rivera
Did A-Rod Wiretap His Own Wife?
Holy Bronx Bomber, Batman, I did not see this surreptitious tomfoolery coming. Yankee third baseman and stripper enthusiast Alex Rodriguez has been accused by his soon-to-be ex-wife of having her followed, as well as possibly having her private phone wiretapped
Madonna, Kravitz, A-Rod, And Wife In Love Quadrilateral
The following story is more complicated than a Rubik’s Cube. It contains numerous ins and outs, ups and downs, and sloppy, sloppy seconds. Please read with extreme caution in order to gain maximum shock and gossipy surprise

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