Somehow Adam McKay and Will Ferrell have the ability to turn even the most obnoxious comedy ideas into gold. An egotistical anchorman in the 70s trying to resist feminism? Somehow they made that Anchorman. Two sub-moron adults forced to live together when their parents marry? I'm still not even sure how Step Brothers managed to turn out so well. The longtime friends and collaborators are constantly adding new projects to potentially tackle, and though McKay's next directing project might wind up being the graphic novel adaptation The Boys, he's at least going to help Ferrell in what might be the actor's next starring role.

Deadline reports that Ferrell is attached to star in and McKay is attached to produce Swear to God, a comedy pitch from Due Date screenwriters Alan Cohen and Alan Freedland. Remember what I said about their ability to turn iffy ideas into great movies? Keep that in mind as I tell you what it's about: "a buddy comedy in which Ferrell plays a narcissistic hedge fund manager who thinks he has seen God." Yes, I know that sounds kind of terrible. Yes, I know Ferrell seems to play nothing but narcissistic characters. Just bear with them. These things usually turn out pretty well.

Since Due Date's release last fall, Freedland and Cohen have kept pretty busy, writing The Reunion for Universal. Given that Swear to God is just a pitch they'll need to retreat and actually write the thing, which means it's unlikely we'll see the movie any time within the next year or so. Anyway, Ferrell is busy planning his reunion with his The Other Guys co-star Mark Wahlberg. Given that Swear to God is described as a buddy comedy, I'm just gonna cross my fingers it somehow reteams Ferrell with his Step Brothers partner-in-crime John C. Reilly. Other than that, I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping the Ferrell/McKay voodoo works out for this one too.

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