From the movies which don’t need to be done file comes Universal’s redo of Clue. The original, hilarious, 1985 take on the mystery solving board game sported an incredible ensemble cast led by the likes of Tim Curry, and it’s brilliance defies duplication. But Hollywood’s studios are currently in a board game to movie adaptation fever, similar to the thempark ride adaptation fever which afflicted everyone around the time the first Pirates first got done.

So in a way it’s appropriate that Variety says they’ve hired Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski to handle their Clue redo. The board game has been sold to millions of homes and made Hasbro tons of money in the process of doing so, so they see profit potential in there. Hopefully they have the good sense to base it on the classic, Clue board game and not the new, recently released, “hipped up” version which dispenses with all the fun, classic murder mystery stuff we’re familiar with and replaces it with such modernized elements as: video game designer Victor Plum did it in the spa with a baseball bat. No thanks. Give me Colonel Mustard did it in the Conservatory with a lead pipe instead.

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