His acting gifts aside, Taye Diggs is very often cast for the eye candy factor, given that he's been devastatingly handsome on stage and screen for 15 years or so and shows no sign of stopping. So why would you put the man in crazy makeup and make him a vampire?

That's the idea behind his casting in the comic book adaptation Dead of Night, in which Shock Til You Drop reports Diggs will play the lead vampire tormenting Brandon Routh and Sam Huntington. There's no official confirmation of the casting, but the horror mavens over there seem pretty convinced they've got good info.

Diggs brings something to all of his roles, so it's unfair to say the appeal is entirely lost when he's hidden under vampirific makeup. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't make me a little sad. I guess we always have him on Private Practice.

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