Jay Roach won't be back to direct the third movie in the Meet the Parents series, but that frees him up to tackle Dinner for Schmucks, a project that was at the center of a custody battle between DreamWorks and Paramount when the studios split last fall. Paramount will be producing it, with a small stake in it for DreamWorks, and with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd clearing their schedules to star, things are finally ready to get started.

Variety lays out the whole troubled history of the project, which is fascinating in a how-your-sausage-gets-made kind of way. But all you, the moviegoer, need to know is that Dinner for Schmucks is a remake of a 1998 French comedy about the world's worst dinner guest. They're not saying who will be playing the guest-- the role had originally gone to Sacha Baron Cohen-- but I'm betting on Carell. Rudd makes far too good of a straight man, especially when Carell is given a chance to cut loose and be weird.

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