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By Rafe Telsch 2009-02-23 17:31:20
I guess the marketing machine for S. Darko has opened up. Last week we saw cover art for the direct-to-DVD sequel. This week the official website for the movie has gone live, with an official trailer to make you go - huh?

Watching the trailer, itís almost like the creators of S. Darko didnít get Donnie Darko any more than the rest of us did. The difference is, the rest of us didnít try to follow it up with a second movie. It looks like itís relying on the big moments of the first movie (the countdown until ďthe end of the world,Ē the wormy tube things leading us around, and, yes, a Bunny figure) but with a different story. What that story is, exactly, is impossible to tell from this short look, but if itís Darko, itís bound to be confusing.

To be honest, the trailer almost makes me want to see this, just to see if itís going to wind up the disaster Iím expecting it to be. Who knows, maybe thereís potential in this after all, but I doubt it. Sometimes movies just shouldnít have sequels.

Watch the trailer below or watch it in higher-res over on the official S. Darko website.

Thanks to Filmstalker for pointing this one out to us. Yeah... thanks a lot.
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