Star Trek Brings Holograms To Blu-Ray And DVD

By Tim Gomez 2009-07-17 02:50:18
Let me just say that I do not understand much of what Iím about to say, but donít let that stray you away from being completely stoked. As we all know, Star Trek wasnít only the biggest movie in its series to date, but it was also one of the biggest movies of the summer, period. And as with all blockbusters, the filmmakers and their studio are going out of their way to bring cool features to the DVD/Blu-Ray release.

Variety is reporting that Star Trek is looking to boldlyÖno, nevermind, they want to do something cool that no one else has. That something cool has to do with ďaugmented realityĒ and holograms. And I know what I think of when I think of holograms (those really lame 3D baseball card holograms I used to get as a kid), and this is definitely not it. Apparently, the special edition version of the Star Trek DVD will include a feature that will create a 3D interactive hologram Starship Enterprise when you hold the DVD box up to any standard webcam. Users will be able to navigate through various rooms of the Enterprise as well as shoot bad guys on the deck.

If youíre like me, this will all be a little too much for you. This is exactly why I got an English degree and not a Computer Engineering degree. But luckily for us, an early preview of the feature can be seen here. Features like this have never been seen before, and this isnít even using the Blu-Ray technology that Zack Snyder is using so well on the Watchmen releases. If DVDs stay this awesome, the digital revolution can suck a toe.
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