I Am Number Four To Be The First Big Alex Pettyfer Blu-Ray Release

By Jessica Grabert 2011-04-08 15:43:45
I Am Number 4 is an almost ironic title, considering DreamWorks was the first to be on the Alex Pettyfer bandwagon. This might actually have ended up being unfortunate for them, since Pettyfer proved to be kind of a pain in the ass on the set. As my sister put it, I Am Number Four ended up being more eye candy than interesting action, but maybe thatís enough to bring in an audience.

Weíll have to wait and see if itís enough to get that audience to invest in a of the film. Luckily, we wonít have to wait long. I Am Number Four will hit Blu-Ray, DVD, movie download, and on-demand formats on May 24th. The film was directed by D.J. Caruso, the dude behind the incredibly not-horrible Disturbia, and it was produced by the man who has brought us the Transformer film franchise, Michael Bay.

Unfortunately, there wonít be any Shia LeBeouf this time around, but thereís always the much-more-handsome Timothy Olyphant to look forward to. Still not enough? Well, all copies will come with bloopers and one featurette. Yeah, I get why that isnít enticing. Okay, well, the Blu-Ray will also feature six deleted scenes with introductions from the director. Yeah, I know, itís no Jumper, but itís something. What? You donít secretly enjoy watching Jumper? Right.
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