Smokin Aces Prequel Gets A Green Light

By Rafe Telsch 2008-10-30 22:31:25
Joe Carnahan has finally delivered some news on the long-awaited prequel to Smokiní Aces, currently titled Smokin Aces: Blowback. Itís been over a year since we really heard anything on the project, and I have to admit I had pretty much forgotten about it, especially as Carnahan has moved on to other projects.

But today Carnahan announced on his blog that Universal has officially green-lit the project. I find the announcement kind of strange, since the last piece of news a year ago was that they had signed off on the script. Indeed, Blowback looks like itís moving forward, albeit slowly.

In Carnahanís brief message he says the film is underway and there will be cameos aplenty. Thatís great news, since the huge ensemble cast was a big part of what made the first movie so enjoyable. Getting to see more of those characters in the prequel would be a great thing, even if the movie is slated for a direct-to-DVD release.
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