CB Graphic Artist Matt S. sent me a link to the new poster for Bruce Willis’ Hostage tonight. With the link, he included a typical Smizzle summary that said, “Hostage rips off Sin City with their crappy new poster!” Boy was he right.

Seriously, this is pretty pathetic Bruce. I realize that you didn’t design the poster, and maybe you didn’t even approve the poster. Heck, you probably haven’t even seen the poster. But when you do… have some pride and get them to yank this thing down. Seriously, this is pretty pathetic. The logic behind it is baffling. Who markets their movie by ripping off a movie that hasn’t even been released yet? Is the buzz on Sin City so big that they’re hoping to steal residual buzz? Or is the idea to confuse people into thinking Hostage IS Sin City and have them spend their money on it by accident?

I’ve dropped both the new Hostage poster and the older Sin City poster down below for comparison.

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