Always ready to push the latest technology, at one time rumor had it that Star Wars mogul George Lucas would be releasing Episode III exclusively to digital theaters. Love of money quickly prevailed, but George still hasn’t given up on pushing the digitally projected movie format. is reporting (because George lets them) that Lucas may be releasing different versions of Revenge of the Sith to digital and regular theaters. In the may issue of Empire Magazine, right hand man Rick McCallum had this to say: ”The digital version of the movie will be different from the version that goes out on film. That has to be locked down so much earlier, whereas the digital can go right up to a week-and-a-half before the film comes out"

How much of a difference there will no doubt remain unknown until the film actually hits theaters, but even a tiny variation will be plenty for hardcore fans to obsess and shell out more money over. George has you, even if you hate it, now you’ve got to see it twice.

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