I kind of hate doing two War of the Worlds stories in a row, but this time instead of more lame images of pants wetting humans they’ve released something worth reporting.

DreamWorks has just sent us the third and newest poster for War of the Worlds. It incorporates everything from the previous two posters, a tentacle hand holding the Earth and big ass, Godzilla sized fonts. But as a twist, someone has doused the planet in gasoline and lit the whole place on fire. Little known fact: Alien tentacles are flame retardant. I’ve posted a big ass version of the new poster below this text, and the next paragraph of other text which is to follow.

Also noteworthy is that a new War of the Worlds trailer will debut May 19 at 9AM on AOL/Moviefone and then shortly thereafter on the War of the Worlds Official Site. Only someone stupid enough to still be an AOL subscriber (no offense, but you know you’re dumb) will actually plan that far in advance to see a movie trailer. Actually, scratch that. I might set my watch if they can promise tripods. Since they haven’t, I’ll need a reminder the night of May 18th. No doubt so will you, so keep checking back here for one from us.

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