The future isn’t what we’d hoped it would be. It’s 2007 and we still don’t have flying cars or high tops with power laces, nobody is even close to living on Mars, virtual reality sex programs are not available in the checkout aisle at Target, Taco Bell has not won the fast food wars, and idiots are still allowed to procreate. For instance take these idiots. They will be allowed to have children. Shocking.

The idiots in question are wannabe filmmakers who made a movie called Grindhouse. They’re running off at the mouth accusing Quentin Tarantino of stealing the idea for their movie, because apparently they think making intentionally shitty movies is some brilliant, unique idea that only they can come up with. Here’s their entire case: “We approached Tarantino twice during the life of Grindhouse. The first time is when producer Lenny Shteynberg and I were at the premier after party for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back in Westwood. Tarantino was there, and to his credit, he was very approachable. I told him that we were going to shoot a new kind of Grindhouse movie, and asked if we could show it to him when we were finished. He politely declined, and we parted friends.”

That’s it. That’s really all they have. Oh there’s a long winded rant that follows, but it’s nothing but grandstanding. For this, they are accusing Tarantino of being a “thieving piece of shit”. Guys, you do not own the idea of making a grindhouse movie. People were making them long before you threw the idea out to Quentin Tarantino at a party. It wasn’t even an idea, it was just a random sentence which is probably why he ignored the hell out of you. Quentin Tarantino is a legendary grindhouse freak, you actually believe that he’d never thought of making a grindhouse movie until you walked up to him and said: “Hey Quentin, grindhouse movie?” People have been trying to bring back grindhouse cinema for years, it's no one's intellectual property. Do you also plan to badmouth the makers of The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra? Of course not, since they aren't famous. You’re either incredibly arrogant, unusually stupid, or so desperate for attention that you’re willing to say anything. Actually, it’s probably a combination of all three.

You see these idiots have a crappy, low-budget movie that no one wants to see to promote, and by attacking a very famous public figure they get their names on websites like this one, when they’d otherwise have been completely ignored. So why am I talking about them? Because everyone else is and someone needs to call these people out for what they’re doing. Barely a day passes without some ridiculous claim like this and we all treat them as if they have some sort of merit, just because we want to root for the little guy. Well you know what, the little guy is a pathetic, attention hungry worm. Most of these claims are from two-bit con-men like these idiots, and the more you pay attention to them the more trolls just like them we’ll have crawling out from under the bridge. If Quentin Tarantino has any sense, he’ll sue them for libel, bankrupt them and take away their crummy film, then re-release it with his name on it just to teach talentless media whores like them a lesson. Get a life guys, get a real career, and then get some freakin morals.

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