Celebrity porn merchant DAVID HANS SCHMIDT has offered $100 million (£55 million) for an alleged sex tape featuring pop star BRITNEY SPEARS and estranged husband KEVIN FEDERLINE. Schmidt is the porn broker behind videos starring FRED DURST and most recently former SAVED BY THE BELL star DUSTIN DIAMOND.

A 19-second clip from a videotape was recently leaked online, which allegedly shows the pop princess performing a sex act on her estranged husband.

Fox News claims British newspaper News Of The World has offered $50 million (£28 million) for the full tape. But Schmidt is ready to double that offer. He tells Radar Online, "I'd offer $100 million if this tape is any good. What the f**k is News of the World doing trying to get into the porn-selling business, anyway? "They're just trying to sling arrows into the dark to get some headlines. No way they'd make their money back."

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