We live in a world where a PG-13 Die Hard is about to be released, and I think when I first heard Stallone was working on another sequel to Rambo, I assumed the ultra-violent hero would be next in line to have his nuts cut off. Boy was I wrong.

AICN has just posted a full three minutes and twenty-nine seconds from the upcoming movie John Rambo. It’s kind of like John Rambo in a nutshell, as if someone had condensed the entire movie down to three and change and then thrown it up on the internet.

What’s great about it isn’t that after watching three minutes you’ll have seen the entire movie, but how extremely HARD-R this footage is. The first time Rambo springs into action in the clip, it’s to leap up and chop a guy’s head clean off. His next act is to splatter the guts of an enemy solider all over the inside of a jump by shooting him with a high-powered machine gun emplacement at point-blank range. It’s completely over the top, which, well, that’s what Rambo is supposed to be, isn’t it?

Forget Live Free or Die Plush, and watch three minutes of John Rambo by clicking here.

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