According to Reuters, William Shatner will be joining Howie Mandel and Bob Saget as another primetime game show host. Shatner will host ABC’s ‘Show Me the Money,’ where contestants answer trivia questions to win millions and at the same time put everything they accumulate on the line. As of now, ABC has ordered seven one-hour episodes.

‘Show Me the Money’ is the second new primetime game show announced in recent weeks, joining ‘1 vs 100’ and ‘Deal or No Deal.’ ABC started the new primetime craze a few years ago with ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” which garnered amazing ratings. The other networks have tried to follow up on that success, but until ‘Deal or No Deal’ nothing has been quite as lucrative.

Will these new shows join ‘Millionaire?” Or will they go the way of ‘Weakest Link?’ With Shatner at the helm we can be assured ‘Show Me the Money’ will at least be entertaining, or he’s not Denny Crane.

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