Too lazy to read all the wonderful news our insightful crew scours the globe to bring you every day? Too outmoded to have an MP3 player for the podcast? Shame on you all! However, being the generous lot we are, welcome to news:blended, your weekly guide to the most interesting stories reported on Cinema Blend over the last seven days.

The release of the throwback Western 3:10 to Yuma got us thinking about our favorite movies where someone shoots the hell out of someone else on a dusty street in front of a saloon. We voted on the best of those made since 1990 and we present them for you to rip to shreds. Also, some other stuff happened.

Another reason to hate Zac Efron.
This weeks STFU award.
Don’t you hate rich, talented, good looking young guys? Of course, everyone does. Well, the latest king of this pack is Zac Efron, and he is giving us another reason to hate him. He wants even more money to play Troy in the big screen “High School Musical” sequel that Disney plans to make. Who does this guy think he is, Al Jolson? Another guy everyone hates is Quentin Tarantino. Annoying nerd know-it-alls are only cute for awhile and his “awhile” ended ten years ago. Now he claims to have saved the James Bond franchise by talking about it. That is also how I saved the iPod.

Weekly Blend Audio thanks QT.
The Weekly Blend Audio Show also got pissed at Tarantino this week. Basically for the same reason. So they ripped him a new one and also talked about some movie related things in an entertaining and enlightening way. You know, sort of the opposite of this column.

Labor Day box office scared shitless.
Hollywood swims in biggest money pile ever.
Everyone was so scared by the mediocre Halloween remake that they threw money at for four straight days. So it won the big box office battle over the long weekend. Superbad stuck around but it looks like Balls of Fury will shrivel up soon. It doesn’t matter much, though, since Hollywood made the mostest money ever this summer. Of course, that’s because for me to take my whole family to the theater costs about $85 these days. I think they only sold about six tickets the entire three months.

What’s happening, Raj?
Everything old is new again with Batman.
Remember when you were excited about a new M. Night movie? Yeah, those were the good old days before he sucked eggs. But someone must still like him because he’s making a new movie and you can see pictures from The Happening set if you wish. Of course, everyone is very excited about The Dark Knight because it’s gonna be frickin’ awesome. In fact, we’re already starting to get excited about who might be in the sequel. We got some exclusive advanced word on that.

This guy might now be a girl, or not.
Cruise’s Nazi movie includes non-insane actors, also.
In one of those non-news news stories, one of the Wachowski Brothers (presumably the more feminine one) had a sex change operation. If true, it will mean that a guy you hardly ever see will now be a girl you hardly ever see. Later in the week, a bunch of people (but not the actual….uh….gal) denied the story, so whatever. Someone who is all man is Tom Cruise. He’s crazy, but he’s definitely a dude. Anyway, the latest publicity photo for his let’s-kill-Hitler movie Valkyrie, significantly includes all of the famous Nazi’s in the cast, not just the craziest. .

We keep our powder dry.
The naked gun-fight.
What is your favorite modern Western? If you said Tombstone, congratulations, you picked the right one. Obviously, it was the best Western in the last 20 years (insert hotel joke here.) Our other choices may surprise you. One thing that none of our choices has is a naked Monica Bellucci in a gun battle. That does occur in the new movie Shoot ‘Em Up, so score one for that movie.

We’ve got someone in Toronto, do you?
Hear the latest Ben Stiller thing.
The Toronto International Film Festival has begun and our correspondent JD McNamara was there for all the fun and frolic. JD watched Fugitive Pieces and then told us all about it. That’s about all you can ask from somebody in Toronto, right? If you can’t make it all the way to Toronto you can still sit on your ass and hear audio clips from the new Ben Stiller movie, The Heartbreak Kid. I’m sure the movie will be lousy, but some of the audio clips are funny.

That’s all for another week of news blending. It’s like what you get at Jamba Juice, but cheaper and not quite as healthy. If you liked it or didn’t, leave some feedback.

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