Throw this one on the heap with rediculous rumors of a Hellboy 2, Punisher 2, and Elektra 2. Vin Diesel is talking about a third Riddick movie.

First though he talked to MTV about the Hannibal (not the cannibal) movie he’s currently hard at work on. According to him, things are going well and he’s eager to make something in which he’s not required to use English. Odd since he’s one of the few action stars out there with a solid command of the language. "I like the idea of making a movie and not being governed by all the things that govern a $200 million movie. I want to do things like make it multilingual, non-English."

Then he got around to talking about a sequel to the film that he and I alone seem to like, The Chronicles of Riddick: "Well, you know that I've always had C2 planned. I'm silently -- and I shouldn't even say this -- I'm silently working on C2 with some of the outlines that were created when I first thought of doing the three films."

Like Thomas Jane and his blabbering about Punisher 2, Vin has been talking about making more Chronicles of Riddick since the day the thing tanked and fell screaming and burning out of the US box office. I’d be happy to see more of it, but he’ll be hard pressed to find a studio ready to finance a sequel to an critically reviled and financially unsuccessful movie, especially when the sequel he’s pitching will require a rather hefty budget. Instead, let’s get a low budget spinoff for Toombs going! I love that guy.

On the other hand, with his recent success in a comedy that mated him with a duck, Vin has a little bit more star drive than your average Thomas Jane. Maybe the guy can talk someone into it.

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