Memo to Lindsay Lohan: when some of the most respected actors in Hollywood and your current employer all say you need to clean up your act, maybe you should listen.

Memo to Dina Lohan: When those same people are saying you are an absent parent, maybe you should listen.

Two-time Academy Award winner Jane Fonda is the latest to speak out about La Lohan, joining William H. Macy and Morgan Creek Productions’ CEO James G. Robinson. The Associated Press reports that in an interview airing on Access Hollywood, Fonda agreed with Robinson’s stern written warning to Lohan, saying “I think every once in a while, a very, very young person who is burning both ends of the candle needs to have somebody say, ‘You know, you’re going to pay the piper, you better slow down.’ So I think it was good,” (Pay the piper? Is that an expression that old people use?)

Fonda plays Lohan’s grandmother in the upcoming movie Georgia Rule. Lohan plays a troubled teen, which must be a huge stretch of her acting skills.

“She’s in the magazines, so you always know what she’s doing because you can just read about it in the tabloids,” Fonda says. “She parties all the time ... And you know, she’s young and she can get away with it. But, you know, it’s hard after a while to party very hard and work very hard. She learned that, I hope.” Hey Lindsay, do you want to be known as the next Tara Reid? You better make up your mind, and fast.

Fonda also criticizes Lohan’s mother / manager, Dina Lohan, without mentioning her by name. “I just want to take her in my arms and hold her until she becomes grown-up. She’s so young and she’s so alone out there in the world in terms of structure and, you know, people to nurture her. And she’s so talented.” Are you going to take that, Dina? Jane Fonda just called you an absent mom-ager!

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