Some people think that the mere act of observing something changes it. The guys over at Blood-Disgusting seem to think that’s what’s going on with the JJ Abrams produced mystery movie people have been calling Cloverfield or 01-18-08 or Monstrous. Take your pick. They say they know what the movie’s real title is, but theorize that now that they’ve broken the story, Abrams and his team will simply change it.

For now though, they say the real name for Cloverfield is Wreck. A few months ago they broke the story that the movie was Monstrous, and Abrams later denied it. They insist that they had it right, and Abrams simply changed it to keep them from being right. It sounds so crazy it just might be true. The whole mystery over the title is really the only thing that’s keeping people interested in the movie. If fans figure out what he’s calling the thing, you can bet all the obsession over his mystery movie will tail off.

So odds are the movie won’t get a real title until a few days before it actually hits theaters, at least if Abrams and Paramount are smart about it. For now though, maybe it’s called Wreck. It’s a stupid name and kind of a callous one when you consider the wreck in question is an American city. Unless there’s some sort of shipwreck involved. Or maybe they’re talking about a sandwich. Anyone ever been to a Pot Belly’s? The Wreck is delicious.

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