The Good Shepherd is barely out of theaters and the film has already scored itself a DVD release date. Universal has announced the title for an April 3rd release date – not too far away at all.

The De Niro directed film tells the story of Edward Wilson, one of the founding members of the CIA in the World War II era. The film has gained quite a bit of critical acclaim, although not so much from our own Cinema Blend review which didn’t care for the realistic world of intrigue compared to more action oriented spies like Damon’s Jason Bourne character.

With a cast that includes Matt Damon, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, William Hurt, and John Turturro, you’d think a better adjective than “good” would be appropriate, although “good” may be all we can expect from the DVD… at least for now. Universal’s announcement for the DVD had no bonus materials listed for the release, and their webpage offering the disc for sale has none listed either.

Check out more information on the movie and the DVD release at the official Good Shepherd website and look for the DVD on store shelves April 3rd.

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