What I’m about to explain to you may not make a whole lot of sense, but you’ll just have to trust that it’s something you’ll probably want to buy once you find out your neighbor has one. It’s amBX, and the experience is going from real life to Second Life, so you’ll be prepared for it in real life.

amBX is short for ambient experience. It will, or can, or is supposed to provide gamers, music lovers, or anyone who enjoys a media experience, with a sort of pseudo-physical sur-reality of the experience. I know, I know it's as odd and interesting as it sounds. And while the actual peripherals and support is becoming available for amBX, the whole point of this news article is to point out that amBX is now supporting Second Life.

Well actually, Second Life is supporting Philip’s amBX. According to the press release, “...licensing its technology to Rivers Run Red to produce dedicated amBX-enabled environments, Philips will offer Second Life users the opportunity to experience their virtual world through real world sensory surround effects such as lighting, air movement and rumble all tuned to events within the virtual world.”

And pretty soon that poor sap without a life will be sitting there playing Second Life, getting a complete surround ambient experience from a lap dance. Oh joy, the possibilities of technology. “The partnership between Rivers Run Red and Philips was originally generated in a Philips Design ‘immersive spaces’ workshop and the new launch means the immersive amBX experience can now be experienced beyond the screen. People will be literally able to reach out and fill their rooms with deep sensory experiences,” commented Justin Bovington, CEO, Rivers Run Red. “The in-world development kit will go beyond collaborative design, we’re also looking at the broader commercial immersive potential including showrooms, advertising and conferences.”

For more information regarding amBX you can visit the Official amBX Website.

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