Just like the movie industry, the gaming industry needs that almighty green-light for production to start for/within a certain medium. In this case, that medium happens to be the Xbox 360. Microsoft recently gave Funcom the green-light to start development of Age of Conan for the Xbox 360.

As a highly anticipated showcase title for Windows Vista, the recipient of many awards from within the gaming community, including E3 awards from Yahoo, IGN, Gamespot and Gamespy and now a working title for the Xbox 360; Age of Conan certainly has high expectations from the gaming community. Funcom’s CEO, Trond Arne Aas, commented that “This is a groundbreaking leap forward for Funcom. The fact that we now get the chance to develop ‘Age of Conan’ for the Xbox 360 means access to a potentially whole new and large MMO market,”

Trond continued on to say, “The fast-paced and innovative combat system in ‘Age of Conan’ will suit the demanding console audience perfect. We believe the amazing online capabilities of Xbox 360 will be a great match for MMOs like ‘Age of Conan’, and as one of a handful officially approved MMO games for the console we aim to create a unique, brutal and powerful online gaming experience.”

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