A few years ago, right before Orange County came out, Colin Hanks had what appeared to be a bright future as an actor. Now he’s playing such exciting characters as “Drunk Frat Dude” in the failed Tenacious D movie and sliding around in the supporting cast bin for the underwhelming Anna Faris in her new untitled project.

This is the Happy Madison produced flick where Anna is a Playboy Bunny who gets kicked out of a mansion and goes to live in the lamest sorority house on campus. There, becomes den mother and does the usual thing that happens in all of these movies: turns the losers into campus cool kids. I assume, this isn’t in the plot synopsis but it makes sense, that at some point they may also at some point kick the ass of Ted McGinley.

Colin Hanks is the movie’s male lead and Anna’s love interest, which means he has to make out with her. If you saw Smiley Face (and I hope you didn’t), then you know why that’s not as exciting a proposition as it once was. I imagine Anna’s lips taste like marijuana smoke, vomit, and old beer.

Also in the cast are some other people that don’t matter. The Hollywood Reporter says Monet Mazur, Kiely Williams, Beverly D’Angelo, and some etceteras are also on board, probably to play sorority sisters or in the case of D’Angelo the mother of one of the sorority girls and Chevy Chase’s ex-movie-wife.

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