Walt Disney Studios is proud to announce Tony Scott will be directing the Jerry Bruckheimer produced picture, Deja Vu... just like they were happy to announce it a few months ago.

Scott left Deja Vu, which will star Denzel Washington, shortly after New Orleans was hit by Hurricane Katrina. The director originally planned to film in New Orleans and left the picture when Katrina left the city devastated. Scott, who considers filming in the city crucial to the picture’s success, left the picture citing “logistical and scheduling reasons” as the excuse for his departure.

Showing just how important the filming location is to Scott, his return has come on the heels of the news that the movie will indeed be able to film in New Orleans. So Deja Vu will now be filming where it was intending to, with the director it was supposed to have.

Anyone feel like there’s no actual news here there then Deja Vu returning to status quo?

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