Publisher Lexicon Entertainment recently released a new trailer showcasing the physics system being used in Fictional Games’ Penumbra Overture. The first-person adventure title is being designed internally, and using a realtime 3-D engine for some breathtaking interaction.

According to the press release, the game is about a young man named Philip, and after his Mother dies he receives a letter two weeks letter from his late Father. Make any sense to you? Well, the rest of the story follows Phillip adventures, as the letter dictates that he “...retrieve a book in a safe-deposit box and burn it. Intrigued he ignores the request and studies the book intensely, discovering clues that points to a place in Greenland and after much thought Philip decides to go there. Arriving in Greenland and certainly unprepared he almost instantly gets lost in a blizzard. Nearing exhaustion and frantic as hypothermia starts to wash over his body he stumbles upon a strange metal hatch. Convinced this hatch is what he is looking for, Philip enters. As he descends into the depths of the unknown, what started out as a quest for the past turns into a struggle for survival.”

The game will feature horrific creatures and fantasy gameplay elements not unlike the video game adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s Call of Cthulu. Only, enemies in Penumbra won’t be defeated so easily; the game’s focus is more-so on challenging the player with various survival situations. Hence, it’s more like the developers want players to play the stupid horror-movie victim, where they hit the enemy over the head with a 2x4 and instead of finishing them off, they run and hide in a closet...upstairs. Anyway, the concepts seem kind of cool, and to get more insight you can view the video below of the physics demonstration.

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