It’s a Christmas miracle. It looks like all the fans of Disney might be getting exactly what they wanted: a reunion between Disney and Pixar.

The two companies, which previously announced they were separating after their existing business contract, are expected to announce a renewal of that contract any time now, according to the Washington Times online, although representatives from both companies are remaining tight lipped – a good sign if you ask me.

Rumor has it the renewal would keep Disney’s distribution rights for the ever successful Pixar films and give Pixar execs “unprecedented access” to the “Circle 7”, a secret division of Disney designed to make sequels to existing Pixar films that was formed by former Chairman Michael Eisner.

Many fans have felt Disney’s intentions of making sequels to Pixar films has been a tragic decision, so letting Pixar get involved with those sequels would be a step in the right direction. After all, Toy Story 2 was intended to be a strictly straight to video endeavor, but proved not only worthy of a big screen release, but also to be another successful film from Pixar.

At the same time, the current contract is expected to keep the sequels in Disney’s studios, not Pixar’s. And yes, that said sequels – rumor has it Disney’s “Circle 7” is not only working on Toy Story 3, but is currently developing scripts for a follow up to either Finding Nemo or Monsters, Inc (according to Variety predictions). However, with Pixar execs allowed to interfere with Disney’s sequels, I’d be accepting of Disney keeping the production of those, as long as Disney doesn’t plan on taking Woody, Nemo, Sully, and Mr. Incredible down the same ugly path as their classic characters have gone.

This is fantastic news, and hopefully will prove true in a soon to be released press release. Keep Pixar and Disney together forever!

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