Now I’m sure the editing must have had something to do with the obvious overuse of the girlishly loaded term “best friend,” but I believe that the girls on ‘The Hills’ really do throw the term around about as freely as they end these so-called best friendships. It felt like Lauren’s periodically present (best) friend Jen finally got an entire episode dedicated to her, but there were clearly various other powers at play here (if you ask Lauren, she would name Spencer as the one and only source of all of her best friend issues). Jen seemed to instantaneously become interested in Brody (just as quickly as Lauren did) after Heidi mentioned his name, and later blamed the usually culpable Spencer for trying to get the two together. Heidi’s failure to tell Lauren the truth about her matchmaker role pretty much sums up all of the yet-to-be resolved Lauren-Heidi issues. Heidi could’ve partially vindicated Spencer’s name by explaining that he had no role in the matching, but instead hid the truth that she was the one to care so little about Lauren. Spencer or No Spencer, Heidi and Lauren have issues, and neither of them are unbiased enough to admit it.

Heidi and Jen’s pre-birthday shopping spree was the first hint at an extra-Lauren-al affair (other than the one she’s having with Spencer). It was somewhat sickening to watch Jen fawningly say all the things Heidi wanted to hear and Heidi’s subsequent praising of Jen as representing everything she looks for in a friend. Lauren continued to confide in a welcoming Audrina (who displayed some great potential as Lauren’s next best friend). Whitney, another strong candidate for the position, ironically grinned as Lauren moped about her recent betrayals. I think the girl was just so thrilled at the prospect of becoming a real, non-work friend of Lauren’s.

Although Heidi was late to Jen’s birthday dinner, it was Lauren who got the ultimate shunning from Jen. Whenever Lauren broodingly toys with strands of her hair you know something is very wrong. Lauren’s hair got some major action at the birthday dinner as she watched Heidi and Jen whisper over the possibility of a Brody-Jen hookup. The wordless slaps-in-the-face continued when Jen and Heidi ditched Lauren at the club to have an after-party at Brody’s condo. Audrina’s presence at that moment couldn’t have been more crucial for the burgeoning of the new (best?) friendship. Audrina is a force to be reckoned with.

Within minutes of discovering that Jen and Brody had hooked up, Lauren, who Jen distastefully called the night before requesting her approval, demanded that Jen leave her apartment. Heidi and Lauren reunited for a mildly telling argument over Spencer et al, but nothing was more telling than Lauren’s gift to Jen, a diamond martini glass. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and when Lauren gave those diamonds to Jen, she officially lost her only remaining best friend(s).

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