Uber-geek to produce actual film, or so confirms The Hollywood Reporter.

Harry KnowlesHe announced it April 1. It was Fools Day, so no one took him seriously. But now we have confirmation. Aint-it-Cool-News own Harry Knowles will step into Director Robert Rodriguez big budget sci-fi project, Princess of Mars, as a producer.

Long known as the internet's fatest (an probably most influential) film critic, Knowles already has one pet project, Ghost Town in the works. But a tentpole film for Paramount is a big step even further.

Personally, I've never understood this sad need some film critics (particularly internet ones it seems) have to make movies. It's as if they feel it's the only way they can achieve legitimacy. Serious inferiority issues.

Screw that. You'll never see me making movies. I'd rather be in my chair viewing. I write about movies because I love watching them, not because I haven't been able to convince anyone to give me enough money to make the next movie starring Will Smith.

Report by: Joshua Tyler

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