2006 may wind up being one of the best years for TV on DVD, if for no other reason than the arrival of “Animaniacs” and “Pinky and the Brain” on DVD. Volume one of each of the hit Warner Brothers cartoons hit DVD in July but they haven’t finished their 2006 game yet. Both shows get a second volume released on DVD next week on December 5th.

Fans of the shows will find 25 new episodes on Volume 2 of “Animaniacs” and 22 on “Pinky and the Brain.” Although the lab rats get shorted a few episodes, they get the better of the two releases bonus materials. “The Audition” features Wayne Knight and Mark Hamil receiving voice lessons from the voices of Pinky (Rob Paulson) and the Brain (Maurice LaMarche). The “Animaniacs” set includes the bonus feature “The Writers Flipped, They Have No Script” which brings the writers of “Animaniacs” back to talk about their favorite bits and speculate on Executive Producer Steven Spielberg’s favorites as well.

Unfortunately I can’t find a list of exactly what sketches are included in the respective Volume 2 sets, but frankly I never saw a moment of either show that didn’t make me laugh. Check both of them out on December 5th.

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