Even more great photos from Spider-Man 2 showing up at the official site, as the marketing for the soon to be release starts gearing up to blanket us all in a soothing goo of Peter Parker goodness.

It looks like we were right in guessing that those gorgeous paintings we broke last week would end up as posters. They've popped up in a low quality poster form labeled SACRIFICE, CHOICE, and DESTINY. Watch for me to showcase them and then blubber over them tomorrow in my weekly installment of One Sheet Wonders.

For now, we have two entirely new pics from the film. Not paintings this time, just eye popping camera angles as the web head swings over the Empire State Building and a shot of a beat up Spider-man climbing over a giant spiderweb made of um... cheap nylon rope? Maybe he's hanging out at Oshmans. Check out the pics below.

Ravage Oshman's Sporting Goods in The CB Forum.
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