Well, I’m back. Sorry. Last weekend my frickin’ Hard drive decided to die. As much as it sucked trying to re-figure out how to work an old 1997 IBM with AOL dial-up...I had to lob the B.O. duties to the head honcho. Usually I know I make it a point to get this thing done....regardless of wherever I am over the course of a weekend. Unless of course it just can’t be avoided. Last week was not one of those times. So rather than use this medium as a shoulder to cry on, I’m gonna take it out the only way I know how.......RAGE!!!!

The Grudge opened with $40 Million?!!! And it tops the list agian?!!! ARE YOU FRIGGIN’ KIDDING ME?!!!! What ever happened to word of mouth? Jeeze, talk about SHOCKtober. I sat through that piece of garbage for one reason....I had a deadline. Even with Sarah Michelle Gellar (and hubby Freddie Prinze Jr hidden in the corner) pandering to the public at my screening for TRL like cheers, I still couldn’t get excited about this steaming turd. IT FREAKIN’ SUCKED......WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEE THAT?!!!. This should be out on DVD by Christmas...but no....Now they’re prepping a sequel. KILL ME NOW!!! With the presidential elections looming, I have to say I demand a recount!! The Grudge better be on the ass end of the Top Ten soon or I’m gonna have to bust some skulls.

Now this weekend pitted the hyped Oscar bait Ray against the anticipated bloodbath Saw. And what happened....The Grudge repeated. Is there no end to this madness? I hate this generation! Predictions for next week.....Incredibles.....period.

From all of us here at CinemaBlend.com, Happy Halloween folks! This Blend Critic and BNN Reported Bill “Bordick” Beyrer saying.....Trick or Treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. If you don’t, I’ll be content, enough yappin’ here is this week’s Top Ten...**

**I know it’s tacky and doesn’t rhyme well........just shut up and eat your candy!
TOP TEN: Oct. 29, 2004-Oct. 31, 2004

1. The Grudge - $22.4 Million ($71.3M)
2. Ray* - $20.1 Million
3. Saw* - $17.4 Million
4. Shark Tale - $8 Million ($147.4M)
5. Shall We Dance? - $6.3 Million ($24.4M)
6. Friday Night Lights - $4.1 Million ($53M)
7. Ladder 49 - $3.3 Million ($66.2M)
8. Team America: World Police - $3.1 Million ($27.3M)
9. Surviving Christmas - $2.6 Million ($8.1M)
10. Taxi - $2.2 Million ($32.7M)
* = Indicates New Release
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