It looks like the sequel to Bruce Campbell's much beloved nursing home mummy fightin movie Bubba Ho-tep is still underway. Bubba director Don Coscarelli showed up on local Dallas radio this afternoon to talk about the project, and promise the radio show's DJ Russ Martin a part in exchange for plugs. Poor Don, the things you have to do for independent film.

But, according to Don the script for the film, which he calls Bubba Nosferatu: Curse of the She Vampire is underway and being written this time by Joe Landsdale instead of Coscarelli. Landsdale is the original author of the short story on which Bubba Ho-tep is based, so it looks like this time they're going straight to the source. With Landsdale busy on other scripting projects, Coscarelli expects the Bubba 2 script completed by Halloween 2005 at the earliest, so there's no chance we'll see it in theaters before some time later in 2006, assuming they get funding.

Coscarelli doesn't sound worried about money though. MGM, who funded the original movie, is talking to him about ponying up the meager budget needed for this one, and he slyly hinted at interest from other parties as well, no doubt just to make MGM sweat.

Coscarelli then went on to confirm that yes in fact Ossie Davis is dead and yes, Bruce Campbell was in Spider-Man. God I hate local radio.

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