Xbox 360 demos have gotten a lot of attention lately, mainly because the idea is still novel on consoles. Speaking of the 360, maybe you’ve heard of a little title called Halo 3 arriving on store shelves September, 25th? The entire games industry is steering clear of that date, except one title. PC Gamers, who don’t normally register Halo on their radars for three years are being handled an alternative to listening to friends talk about Grunt assassinations and flaming Brutes due to Incendiary Grenades, are getting a Crysis demo instead of Covenant stomping. The single player demo will drop on September 25th, according to the game’s official website, just in case you thought PC demos were a thing of the past.

The demo will include the entire first level of Crysis’ single player campaign. “Contact” will finally give gamers the chance to touch, and feel, the power of the Nanosuit. The developers also cryptically mention there will be a “huge surprise” planned for the demo as well. EA isn’t giving clues as to what the surprise will be, but just having the demo is rewarding enough for gamers anticipating the biggest PC release of the year.

Crysis is set to release on November 16 in North America and Europe. Featuring intense FPS action, augmented with a high-tech Nanosuit that will give players unprecedented power to take on their enemies. Your first taste of the DirectX 10 showpiece is here in just one month.

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